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Thread: Tell us your regression moments!

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    Default Tell us your regression moments!

    I had a nice regression session today, I was interested in your regression moments and what it felt like for you.

    I regressed to a young toddler today and I had my cute red winter outfit on, a pink teddy bear binky attached onto my sweater with a pink paci clip. I had my new big grey teddy bear, my wooden puzzles which you see in daycares, my stacking and nesting cubes, my shape sorter and my rattles and teethers and not to mention my baby touchy feely book with pictures of fun toys in it!

    I have this one rattle that turns, has multicoulered balls in which you can see through it and it has a bumpy texture and you can change the shape of the rattle and had rings on it, just seeing the colours and feeling the textures was very amusing to me at that time, it was so soothing as well.

    I regressed so much that I temporally couldn't solve my toddler puzzles and had a lot of fun trying to shove the pegs into the right holes! (The trick is to pretend you don't know where they go or regress to a young toddler)

    I was easily emused by the different shapes, sizes, textured and colours that I knew there was not anything to worry about and I felt safe.

    As soon as I started to play with my rattle, that was the first smile that I did in weeks!

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    My best and most memorable regression moment for me is when I first got my bottle back when I was in college. I remember putting on a diaper and I started to drink from my bottle and I instantly felt little/regressed. I grabbed my plushie and I hugged her tightly as I was drinking. I ended up falling asleep during all this and I woke up before my 8AM class well rested and in a soaked diaper. I also got up early enough to clean up before I had to go out.

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    Lately I've gone to bed with my old Mr. Bunny on certain nights, and a couple of those nights, while "talking" to him, I found myself slip back into the speech impediment I had for many years. I also wet my diaper without really thinking about it. And then in the morning I went back to real life.

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    That is the type of thing I notice when I regress, I slip back into axactly what I was back then!

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    I don't consider myself an adult baby but I have to admit I feel like I regress when I fart into a diaper. I don't do it too often and its stupid I know. But I feel like a toddler or a baby when I do it. A few family members have kids that are still in diapers and when I hold them they do that in my hand and I have to check my hand if they messed on me. It ends up they just have gas but it sure does sound nasty. When I am wearing a diaper in private and I let one rip I feel like a little kid that doesn't know any better and just does whatever needs to happen whenever it needs to happen that is most comfortable without regard to the situation. Part of me still wishes I was a little kid because kids don't have to worry about anything and when I'm in nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper I fell I can get a little bit of that by doing whatever needs to happen regardless of where I am in my home; weather I am in the bathroom putting dirty clothes in the hamper, in the kitchen doing dishes, or sitting on the couch watching tv.

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