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Thread: Sippy cups or bottles?

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    My sippy cup is kinda in between. It is a sippy cup but it has a soft spout. It's nuk and I love it bunches.

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    Both I would say. Although I prefer a regular cup most of the time. But sippy cup and bottle to me makes me feel similarly. Although a sippy cup might be a bit easier to drink from overall when thirsty.

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    Sippy cup if I want it now, Bottle if I want to enjoy it!!!!! ^^

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    I prefer a bottle always I don't think I would like a sippy cup.

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    Currently I've been more into my sippy cup as I feel tired sucking my bottle. If I had someone to hold the bottle for me then maybe :3

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    I like both an equal amount but I like them for their own reasons.

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    So far I only use sippy cups because I'm not fully confident in my Little self to use bottles yet. However I do think about it a lot and wish I could. I don't know how my boyfriend would react. He's okay with the sippy cups but a bottle might be pushing it in his eyes. I could be wrong. Don't know.

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