I find I don't talk as much or I talk more like a younger child or ask why questions like " why have men got bigger hands than lady hands?" Like toddlers do.

I hate it when I am little space and somebody asks me a question when I feel young enough not to talk, I can't get the words to form in my brain or get my words out of my mouth.

When somebody says "careful with that, it's sharp/hot" I get nervous and wish somebody would do what i was going to do for me because my fine motor skills go like a young child's, like when I was cutting my sandwiches, i couldn't grip my knife properly! (Badtime, badtime!)

Last night I was playing with my trains, I could not for the life of me, figure out how to make an interesting trainset that joined together properly , I went into silly mode and wanted to make one that flung the train in the air and I started giggling to myself and going, "whoosh!" With the cars in my head.

Do anybody else go like that, tell us your regression stories!