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Thread: Baby Diapers

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    Default Baby Diapers

    I've been pondering on this for awhile and I can't find a thread really like the one I am making so I want to hear what yall got to say.

    Compare the different baby diapers you have tried. For me, you got the major 3 brands, Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies. Then you got the off brands. I'll explain a bit about each and how they rate for me.

    Pampers: Has 3 different types, Cruisers, Baby Dry, and Swaddlers. I love the color changing line from yellow to blue, the wettness indicator, on the Swaddlers, but for me it is not the softest diaper made by Pampers. Cruisers has a nice design, and I would say the middle ground in the bunch, but right there with Baby Dry in terms of softness. Baby Dry to me is the softest, but just barely to the Cruisers, and also has a nice design. All 3 are very quiet when moving around.

    Luvs: I really loved when they had Blues Clues designs, now it's some purple monkey and quilt pattern, its neat, but not the same. Luvs is the loudest of any of the major brands, has a nice blue padding inside, and I like the crinkly ness of the diaper.

    Huggies: My personal least favorite of the 3, don't use them if ever, not much of a fan of the design, they are soft, but feel stiff to me. Just not my taste and needs a cuter design.

    Off brands: Walmart's, Meijers, Target, Krojers, these are some of the stores that are in my area of the country, and I haven't tried all of thier brands, but Wally world, and meijers I have. Both are pretty much the same in all aspects just different design.

    If I had to rate them all, I would say Pampers would rank 1st overall, barely to Luvs, if not tied for 1st. Huggies is next tied with the off brands.

    How do you rate the ones you have tried, what's your fav, likes and dislikes? Do you have a pattern you remember from years ago you want to see back on a diaper?

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    Id like to see the pampers,huggies or pullups from the 1994-2003 range. This is when i was young and wore obviously. It would be cool if someone on here was an expert about previous designs and diapers from the past etc.

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    Personally, I like Huggies Little Movers (regular and diaper pants) a lot. They are the stiffest, but they leave my underwear dry even after a couple of wettings. Until I got good at making side extenders I couldn't use Huggies, but now they're my favorite. Pampers hold a lot but they tend to "seep" around the leg gathers and I end up with wet spots in my underwear. Same with Luvs. Pampers Baby Dry are the worst for seeping. Even after a single wetting in baby dry they start to seep....even if you pee slowly. In Cruisers or Swaddlers I can usually get at least two medium wettings in them before they seep. I use Pull-Ups most often though if I wear in public. The newest ones hold a decent amount.

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    Pampers baby dry swells up nicely when wet and I extend the sides too, they barely leak on apart from the store bought baby diapers in the same size. Pampers even fit me better as far as baby diapers go

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    You mean strictly as boosters right?

    For this I also prefer pampers. It's amazing how much they hold for their size, and how fast they can absorb pee. Bonus, I love how they smell when you open the package too.

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    When it comes to disposables, I'm definitely a Pampers baby. Huggies run smaller and tend to firm up when wet as opposed to getting squishy like Pampers do. I really like the Pampers squishiness. Luvs are great, too.

    And, actually, there are some pretty decent store brands/generics. Rite Aid "Tugaboos" and Winco "Cuddle Ups" are examples of store brand diapers that I buy and enjoy periodically.

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    I've tried Pampers Baby Dry, Huggies Snug and Dry (both regular and the ''Ultra'' ones from Walmart), and Luvs. Pampers were my least favorite and seemed to always leak on me. Huggies and Luvs were both good in my opinion, but I'm not crazy about the generic prints on Luvs. I too would like to see the Blue's Clues designs again.

    While not strictly diapers by definition, as evidenced by my signature, I love Pull-Ups.

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    I'm quite fond of Luvs and Pampers Cruisers. And while not exactly true diapers, Pampers Easy-Ups with the 3 core channel absorbency hold a freaking ton and swell up really nicely.

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    I usually ware pampers baby dry and if I'm off out in them I tape around the tabs so they don't come undone when in moving around. they don't show that much but you still know that you're wearing a nappy and they just make you feel good haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldRegice View Post
    How do you rate the ones you have tried, what's your fav, likes and dislikes? Do you have a pattern you remember from years ago you want to see back on a diaper?
    I've tried a couple kinds of baby diapers. My favorites are Walgreen's store brand - either the training pants with My Little Pony on them or the actual diapers with the zebra character on. Both are really cute, and they are both thirsty monsters in terms of performance. They're as good as pampers, just a little better than wal-mart's, and blow huggies out of the water. Huggies were the most disappointing, since they are less absorbent, and smaller than other diapers by an inch or so of rise, though their overnites are decent. I "wear" all of these using Cottontail Extenders, for the record.

    If "they" could bring back some vintage prints, I agree with you: I'd like to see Blue's Clues Luvs and Lion King Huggies prints back on the market.

    Here's a question back: has anyone tried the Wal-Mart size sevens? Are they really bigger than other nappies?

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