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Thread: *New* Asda Day & Night Pants (Drynites) U.K.

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    Default *New* Asda Day & Night Pants (Drynites) U.K.

    *New* Asda Day & Night Pants (Drynites) U.K.

    They use to be (Asda Bedtime Pants)

    2 sizes

    Medium Boys 4 to 7 Age
    Medium Girls 4 to 7 Age

    Large Boys 8 to 12 Age
    Large Girls 8 to 12 Age

    Got patterns and don't leak at sides unlike Drynites

    Great product to wear :-)

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    I went to Asda for my nappies and I couldn't find them, well there was a man stocking the shelves in the nappy isle so I just had to choose quickly, even though I was stood there for 5-10 minutes trying to decide between little angels or pampers, I went with pampers in the end as I was trying to get a good value for the money I had, so I got a couple extra nappies for 20 pence more!

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    I got some of these today. They seem to have less padding than a drynite as it's just one continuous strip through the nappy? But they feel thicker between the legs. I look forward to seeing how much it can hold :P They seem to be taller than drynites too but they dont seem to be as stretchy and the sides look under pressure for me, and i'm only 28 inch waist D: Still well worth the 3.50/pack though

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