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Thread: Who hates swearing?

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    I swear a lot and I don't like it. I have a 20 month old son so I'm really trying to start to reign it in. My wife will kill me if jr. drops an F bomb.

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    instead of saying f*** I say Frick Frack, or freaking ~ it seems much more sensible kind of.... And sh** goes into shoot or sheet. Just add more a e I o us in there :9

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    I think it is situational.

    As I have a university degree, in a recognized profession, with distinction, I don't think lack of intelligence explains my swearing.

    I paid my way through school doing construction labor and landscaping.

    Likely said a few f-bombs.

    Living in the larger world is a great fix for fussing over 'small stuff'.

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    After reading all of the comments on this thread, I swear ....

    I think there certainly are merits for both sides of this issue. For many people, swearing can be offensive as it is seen or felt as something that is derogatory and may be against their personal feelings. But yet, for others, it can be a way that they simply are expressing themselves or is part of the culture or environment that they grew up in. Still, others may not swear all the time but find a place for it in providing an emphasis in certain situations when other expletives just don't quite give enough real strength to what they are trying to express.

    Is it wrong to swear? Well, that certainly is of a personal opinion. I think that out of courtesy to others who may find offense, it is probably reasonable to think that in public places individuals should refrain from using substantive amounts of swearing, but there certainly is not an obligation to do so.

    I would hope that the thought of being courteous is sufficient reason to limit use of these expletives around others who might find it offensive --even as going around in a messy diaper might be discourteous to those who would find that offensive. Maybe that is a poor analogy, but the thought process is really the same. Is it wrong to go out in public with a messy diaper and care less who might not appreciate the smell? Well, out of courtesy and respect for others, I hope that most of us would agree that isn't something we should do.

    Swearing is kind of similar.

    There are places where such comments are not likely going to cause offense, or might even be expected. As a real life cowboy, I have to admit that I do maintain a few expletive vocabulary that naturally comes out at times. I mean when you get kicked in the leg or head butted in the chest by a cow or bull, well, I certainly have a few of my own words that come out as seemingly naturally as can be. Simply saying, "ouch" or "doggone you cow that wasn't nice" just doesn't fit the situation. I usually say something about the bull's mother that isn't exactly vocabulary related to that species but of the canine family.

    But anyhow, I guess my point here is just that we shouldn't be judgmental of people that are swearing.

    --But as for our own actions, we should be respectful of others and utilize the vocabulary that is appropriate for the setting that we may be in.

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    I do but its such habit. For about a year I was subjected to non stop swearing and no matter how hard I tried not to I picked up this horrible habit😣

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    I try to avoid it, especially now with a little granddaughter. I never swore a lot, but old habits die hard.

    I try to look at it as a waste of bandwidth.

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    Anyway, I make a great effort to no longer say the very bad potty chair words about poo-poo and where pee-pee comes from on my body.
    I feel very dirty after I say the bad potty chair words.

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