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Thread: Tolerances of Americans vs Brits

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    Why are you americans so much more tolerant of things compared to us brits?

    Conversations around fetishes as an example in general is quite a taboo subject and most of us brits shy away from talking about it as we live our lives. I always get the impression (correct me if im wrong) that americans are always much more open to discussion about these types of topics and are a lot more tolerant of them as well because they will respect someone for their view. Thats not to say this is the case in all examples and im sure there are individuals who are very intolerant towards it however as an overall consensus americans seem far more open.

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    It's not necessariarly that we're more tolerant. Yes we here tend to be more so, since we've been on the receiving end of intolerance. It's more like we just don't care what others think of us so were more uncaring.

    In general though, fetishes and sexuality are not something we openly talk about. And certainly is not something that's openly accepted.

    This is why I have been trying so hard to get people to understand that being an AB or DL is in itself not based on sexuality alone- and therefore is not a fetish. Once we are able to make that distinction to society in general, then we will be more openly accepted as a group of general society.

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    Americans are obsessed with rights, love to hate, and can never get enough sleazy gossip. We love to talk about fetishes others have because they are so disgusting (yet secretly fascinating) that it appeals to our sense of selfrighteousness. I'm not sure I would call that 'tolerance'.

    My first exposure to full frontal nudity in movies that were not classified as porn were in British movies. That was so long ago that I don't rememeber the details, but it left me with the distinct impression that, although the brits didn't seem to be as obsessed with sexuality as Americans, they seemed to have a greater, more casual, tolerance towards it.

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    I wouldn't say it's tolerance but more just a sort of a " behold the field in which I grow my f**** lay Thine Eyes Upon it and see that it is barren" mentality.

    Well there is definitely that small group of people in America that just live for social image most of us just don't care what other people think of us. I've always been of the mentality of I don't care what people think of me because in the end what does it matter to them it's my life I'm living not theirs so f*** them and the high horse they rode in on.

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    Really, I've always found to Americans to be somewhat prudish when it comes to talking about S-E-X. At least the society of America is prudish if that makes any sense.

    Classic example is TV and movies, The British shows and movies are so uncensored compared to the US.

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    I think you're confusing tolerance with openness. The British, IMHO, are more reserved and private than Americans. We have to be. You can't venture out into the wilderness or buy a log cabin in the middle of nowhere in the UK. With our population density, you literally can't get away from people, so you have to respect each other's privacy. That means not enquiring about potentially sensitive matters, or sharing your private life with total strangers. It's not you admitting that you have some unusual fetish that would disturb me - it's the fact that you're talking about your sex life at all with someone you don't know. It is not intolerant to say "I don't want to know what you get up to behind closed doors. It's none of my business."

    I don't know whether on average the US is more or less tolerant than the UK, but in my observation, there are pockets of intense intolerance within the US that dwarf anything that exists in the UK, especially when it comes to non-vanilla sexuality. We don't have a powerful religious lobby, after all.

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleManAlex View Post
    Really, I've always found to Americans to be somewhat prudish when it comes to talking about S-E-X. At least the society of America is prudish if that makes any sense.

    Classic example is TV and movies, The British shows and movies are so uncensored compared to the US.
    Ah, the grand old tradition of British smut. Look up "smutty postcards" on Google Images. That used to be pretty common at seaside resorts until relatively recently....

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    All of this talk about tolerances is getting my inner electronics engineer wondering if the Brits use different resistors than we do. Is there some secret difference between metric and SAE resistors I don't know about? A 1k 1% American resistor isn't the same thing as a 1k 1% metric resistor?

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    In my experience, Europeans are more "tolerant" of things like this than us Americans. Keep in mind that I haven't really known non americans outside of work. I feel Americans like to say to your face that they are "accepting" of your thoughts, but behind your back will sing a different song.

    My above statement could be just because I have known some BAD A$$ Europeans that are accepting (while being the respective countries military). Hopefully that is not the case, but who knows.

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