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Thread: ab sissy clothing poll

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    Default ab sissy clothing poll

    I am looking into marketing abdl clothes for sissies and guys
    but I am not sure if there is a market for them
    some of the materials i have are satin lace velvet and cotton
    there is a possibility of onesies and other items in the future as well as party dresses
    currently I can make skirts and diaper covers you descide color and trim feel free to pm or leave a responce here

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    if you look at ebay and amazon, there is definatly a market. It would be nice if there were reasonably priced dresses

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    I'm already in love with this plan. Keep us informed.

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    Take a look at Ebay and do some research on what the seller sells and past history and what items sold and did not sell or had to take a mark down.
    Does the seller take offers and do custom work - check the feedback for quality of work and satisfaction.

    Check out the stuff from China - cheaply done ? Sizing in US sizing ? Delivery times ?
    See something you like for your enterprise - ???s - maybe order one and pull every stitch out to see how it is made and fabric your own pattern.

    Some sellers have been in business for years - Yes years !
    And I have been a bidding and Buy It Now customer for years !

    Determine if you want to sell your gear on Ebay and what method and use PayPal
    -or- set up shop at ETSY with other financial terms.
    Do you want to specialize in accessory items or larger than life ABDL gear ?

    Just a glimpse into the market - hope to see you with one of your creations.

    Good Luck !

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    YES YES YES as long as the Price is right... i recently spent 40+ on two onesies... there is a serious lack of sellers for this stuff especially here in the UK

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    I would love to see a ABDL sublimation print manufacturer as it is the most common way to make printed clothes

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