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Thread: How to keep a home from smelling when someone uses adult diapers

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    Default How to keep a home from smelling when someone uses adult diapers

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this. A little bit of back story. I've been with my girl for a lil over 5 years now; about year 3 or so, she confessed she was into the adult baby stuff and at first I was very taken aback; I'd honestly never heard of it but I researched a bit and I told her it's all good. She's had incontinence issues for many years, doctors have run test after test and can't find a solid solution so she sometimes wears diapers. Anyways, my question is this because she'd like to wear them more on a full time basis. I can find information on keeping a home smelling good when you have a baby in the house but can't find much information on how to keep the home from smelling like urine or what not, for adult babies. So this may be a silly question but considering how much of a neat freak I am; I'd like to make sure when we live together, that the house doesn't have that baby pee smell. If anyone has any suggestions on what they do to keep their home smelling good (without using chemical based products as I'm very against those) I'd be very appreciative.

    Thank you

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    Hi, Daddymws.
    There actually isn't much you need to do. Most of the higher-tier adult diapers keep in smells very well, though they'll eventually stink things up if they're left out too long.

    What I would do is tell her that she should always dispose of her used diapers promptly, preferrably in a plastic grocery bag or in adult diaper disposal bags you can get online, which control odor better.
    Another thing I would do is discourage her from messing (#2) in her diapers, if she has decent bowel control. If she follows through, this will help tremendously with odor control.
    And lastly, I would encourage her to wear plastic pants over her diaper. These generally keep bad smells under wraps and they catch diaper leaks well. I think.
    With that, just add some air freshener/scented candles and you're good to go.

    I hope this helps. Also, thank you for being so accepting of her being ABDL. It's not often we someone like this.

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    Or better yet have her get a large capacity adult diaper pail. Make sure she changes before her diapers get too stinky, and promptly disposes them in the pail.

    I've done this for decades and never have a problem with stinky diapers or urine smell (as noted when others visit).

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    I share an apartment with a friend and always manage to avoid bad smells. I have bowel incontinence and bladder incontinence. Still manage the smell well. The abena m4 and plastic plants work well for keeping the smell in. And changing fast and cleaning up thoroughly. Disposing them properly is also important.

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    It's pretty much the same for adult diapers as baby diapers......... it's all about keeping everything clean

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    Make sure that the disposal itself is sanitary and that the discarded diapers are always put into the same room. If there is a closet that you can live without, it may be best to end up using that one with some kind of scent enhancer like those cone-like air freshener things. Dispose when the designated bag is full.
    I have to put up with this right now in my living situation. I keep my used diapers in a closet in my room as it's the only one my roommate has a 0% chance of randomly looking in. The scent only starts to poke through the door after about three days because I don't have a scent enhancing cone thing, so with one would probably last longer.

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    Thanks everyone for your insights; I am grateful will put these ideas to good use.

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    I have a trashcan with a lid for my used diapers in the master bathroom. That tends to do a really good job at keeping smells contained, I only need to empty it once a week. I know it works rather well, we had a lot of people over a few months ago for my daughter's wedding and nobody noticed any smell at all.

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    thank you good to get other people's feedback on something like this.

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    its all about having an area for your used diapers, I'd also advise double bagging them.

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