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Thread: How to keep a home from smelling when someone uses adult diapers

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    what I do double the nappy bag then put in the black bin no problem and if I have accident i carry can of anti-perspirant spray so when change a pad give quick squirt ,

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    I use Febreeze plastic garbage bags which I line a kitchen sized metal garbage container. The Febreeze counters the smells and works very well.

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    My house doesn't smell and i'm in diapers. My 20 month old son is still in diapers too.

    We share a diaper pale, basically an average sized kitchen trash can kept in his room. I only suffer from urinary incontinence so no issue with giant man dumps stinking up the place. for my son's poopy diapers, we put them in scented doggy poo bags. We empty the diaper pail roughly 2x per week. There's a glade plug in near it.

    I don't personally smell bc I keep it all trimmed up down there and practice good hygiene. I shower 2x per day, morning and before bed and whenever I change my diaper I clean up with wipes which neutralize the urine smell. I use good barrier creams (no powder). Walking in my house you'd never know anyone wears diapers let alone a baby and his dad.

    Odor control really isn't hard, though when the diaper pail gets real full it does start to smell a bit in my son's room but any smell goes right away as soon as you empty the pail.

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    One thing is disposal - and there's been some good advice here. Another is when wearing. I suggest good quality plastic pants (preferably bloomers) that completely cover the diaper. As mentioned bedore, plastic pants do not offer any real leak protection, but they are effective in odour control.

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    thanks so much everyone; really appreciate all the great ideas.

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