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Thread: Which came first for you, being furry or ABDL?

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    for me I went from TB/DL-DL-AB/DL now to BF/DL. so yah, allot of transitions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakken View Post
    for me I went from TB/DL-DL-AB/DL now to BF/DL. so yah, allot of transitions.
    Sorry for the dum question... but what's TB? Google only sez Tuberculosis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdorableRabbit View Post
    Sorry for the dum question... but what's TB? Google only sez Tuberculosis!
    Teen baby

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    I went from being a furry to being a babyfur to being an ABDL furry

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    DL for me started in early childhood. I got into AB at around 20 and furry like less than a year later.

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    I started out as a DL, then became an adult baby, and now I just discovered my fursona; a skunk.

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    I found both at pretty much the same time, maybe ABDL a tiny bit earlier but being a babyfur wasn't too far after.

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    Both for me go back as far as I can remember, I did not know what a furry was until had internet access but furry for me is more spiritual with a lot of feeling that in the past I have lived as a few different animals and even as a dragon, but as a young child I used to pretend to be other animals, but not in an anthropomorphic form, I have had dreams as an anthro form but usually they are rare and as a fursona I am not an anthro scaly either it just never felt right for me. I don't know if it autism that makes me feel more animal then human or that I did live in the past as the animals I role play as now. That and I have no sexual interest in the fandom like so many other people do and that's why I say its spiritual for me. I discounted hanging around most furries when I discovered the sexual aspect of it. Not that I feel that it's wrong or right I just have no interest. I would identify with being asexual then anything else

    I have always had a desire to be in diapers as well and was forced out of them and always envied kids that where allowed to wear them longer, I was 14 though when I guess I could say diapers became a fetish, when visiting my dad I had to go to bed at the same time as my younger brothers, something like 8pm, my mom got me watchman tv so I could sneak that with me on weekends at my dads house and took diapers from my brother so I could stay up later and watch that TV in bed and use the diapers so I would not tip off to my dad that I was still awake, so the DL thing came by accident,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    I discovered furries through being an AB/DL.
    Same for me. Some cat talked me into things. Gotta watch those kittens.

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