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Thread: Which came first for you, being furry or ABDL?

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    Default Which came first for you, being furry or ABDL?

    I'm new to the ABDL community, and I've been wondering if being in one community has led to the other for some people?

    I've been a furry practically all my life, but only really figured out what it was around mid high school. I think it's safe to say that my interest in diapers is deeply rooted with my early childhood, so Im pretty sure it came first. It only really started to manifest after developing a watersports kink.

    For me I'd say being a furry and DL developed independently, but then came together after finding out about diaperfurs. That showed me that even in this already eclectic community, there are people who are into this as well, and that it's okay :3

    Openly saying (on the internet) I'm a DL though is still new and not trying to actively repress these thoughts and feelings sure is new too, but it feels great
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    I think they've both been head to head on my whole life.

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    I was furry first, probably because I grew up on Disney movie with the talking animals and fell in love with Pokémon.
    Being ABDL followed later. I was into TF works (because, you know, furries), and that led into AR stuff, and I discovered I enjoyed that too.

    Having fun finally admitting openly (at least on the internet) that I'm a babyfur.

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    ABDL came first. Didn't realize I was a furry until just a few years back.

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    I was a DL first, starting at age 4. I did have an infatuation with anthropomorphic cartoon animals when I was a child, but I didn't realize that was a furry trait until recently. I've been exploring that side a bit more, and identify as a DF now. I won't ever go to the point of getting a fur suit or going to conventions, but I now consider myself as furry, secondary to AB/DL.

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    I've been a DL my whole life ever since I came out of diapers. In highschool like 17 or 18 i fell in love with Krystal after watching some YouTube videos and mostly it was her voice but I ended up collecting a lot of pics too and then later on I ordered some books from sofawolf press. Then I got a tattoo. And now I'm a brony and like all of my furry energy got redirected into that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayneLion View Post
    For me I'd say being a furry and DL developed independently, but then came together after finding out about diaperfurs.
    That's pretty much how it was for me too, though both had slightly rocky starts and took me a while to be ok with. I was a DL from my earliest memories, and I've always appreciated anthro art. Unfortunately I learned that furry was a thing first after being exposed to some really cringy furries online. I spent the next several years being really bitter about them "ruining" my ability to say I liked anthro stuff without being lumped into the same category as the people who insisted they were actually a fox trapped inside a human body and complained they couldn't hold down a job due to employers taking issue with the fact that they wore a tail and sniffed customers. Somewhere in the middle of that I discovered that DL was a thing, but at this point I had a bit more maturity and was about to get over the "omgwtf these people are so weird" phase before declaring all out war on them. It also helped that I found ADISC, which is basically an island in the cesspool of cringe that unfortunately makes up a lot of the ABDL online presence.

    I slowly became ok with furry stuff mostly due to webcomics. I started out reading "Freefall" because it kept being recommended as a really great hard scifi story. I decided to check it out in spite of the light furry content, and ended up sticking around because I loved all of the thought that went into the science and engineering being portrayed. Then I discovered a few other furry webcomics, mainly twokinds and ravenwolf. At the time, twokinds and ravenwolf both were struggling to update on any kind of normal schedule, and ravenwolf was constantly complaining about health issues (they've since stopped updating it seems like ). Somewhere in the middle of that I discovered the comic "Found". I started reading it in much the same way one starts searching youtube for videos of trainwrecks, expecting it to be terrible before dropping off the face of the earth somewhere in the middle of the story. I ended up reading the entire thing in a single night, and was impressed to find that toddlergirl consistently came across as a very down to earth and genuinely nice and caring sort of person even over 4 years worth of comic pages. It was also the first time I've ever cried because of a story. Then from there I discovered "Shine", and by the time I reached the end of that I'd consumed enough furry content that I was feeling pretty hypocritical for not admitting I was a furry. Then a few months ago I ended up commissioning some art on a whim and really enjoyed the experience.

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    I guess it's a dumb question really cuz I think in most people's cases ABDL would naturally come first. I guess a better question would be "which did you pursue first?"

    I agree with a lot of your points, irnub. When I discovered I high school that I was furry and told some other friends, and found out they were furries too. Well it didn't take long to see that they were the "cringy" furs and for a very long time it coloured my opinion of furries. At least in my province. That attitude stayed with me right up until I met my boyfriend, and now we're terrible furry trash together

    One of my first webcomics I found was an infamous comic that was decidedly NOT pg13 due to the graphic imagery, but was impossible to stop reading. I read over 1000 pages in two days.

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    For me it was definitely diapers before furry. I was only really introduced to it by some ABDL friends and getting involved in the kink community.

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    I discovered both simultaneously but haven't really engaged either community. Still haven't created a fursona, although it'd be nice to.

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