Because, I just saw one on-line that made me gone crazy! It looks so cute, and it's thankfully cheap. I can even imagine myself waddling around on this body!

(If you're curious, here's the mighty link:[S:VIP,L:SELLER_ITEMS,V:3])

However, I'm really not sure... I can always try a needlewoman for doing what I want, how I want, for even less (considering, of course, that I wouldn't need to pay for shipment through).... The same guy who offer this body as well offers great footie pajamas! There is even one with a that open on the back (which would be great for my big brother to check my diaper)... And yet, the prices aren't that bad.

However, there is always Onesies Downunder, which some people claim to also sell great pacifiers. So yeah... I'm extremely confused! I don't know what to choose! So please, leave your opinion, I'll help me a lot actually!