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Thread: Little siblings?

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    Default Little siblings?

    I was wonder if there was anyone wanting a little sibling. I honestly like the idea of having an abdl family even if it is mostly cyber. Is anyone wanting to do this?

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    I've seen people do that a lot in the abdl community but I wouldn't like it unless it's pure roleplay.
    I mean, I have some friends in real life, people I really love like family, but we attained this kind of relationship after sticking together for more than 10 years.

    It would feel strange calling people I only know online sister or brother. I do see the appeal though but for me, to manage this, It would need some times to actually become a close friend first.

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    I really want a poly D/s family, obviously I am the little but having other littles in it would be fun too, I would want to travel with them and have fun like a close group of friends that are a family, not sure if its possible though

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    I thought about this because I'll have to leave my mother soon and she reminded me I need to build more of a support team. This came to mind and I've thought it would be a good place to start.

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    Adisc had a chat a while ago which got replaced by a Discord channel, why don't you come hang out with like-minded folks ?

    I'm not saying that you will find friends right away but that would be a start.

    I'm much of a lurker myself but the few times I participated in an adisc-related chat (skype, discord, irc) everyone was welcoming. I saw in another post that you were going through a rough time and most discussions on Discord are light-hearted, they might cheer you up =)

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    I never know or understand what a family is would be nice

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    It's something I have thought about, although I don't think I am much of a good candidate for this type of thing due to all my issues. I think I would make a bad sibling to most people.

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