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Thread: do you like Peppa Pig?

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    I haven't seen it in a while, but I love the show. It's very clever and has something for everyone, littles and adults.

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    I love it! though once I had peppa pig bed covers and since I see them every day I didn't think anything of it.. I showed a colleague at work a picture of a teddy I brought my boyfriend, she saw the bed covers and said very loudly "You have peppa pig bed covers?" she was laughing.. luckily my overconfidence covered it up with "yeah and? you're just jealous!" haha

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    i love it,i think its hiliarious! but most parents that i ask about it, tell me they hate it. they say its a bad influence on children.

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    I don't like the way they consisently make Daddy Pig look like an incompetent dolt, despite the fact that he is apearantly a structual engineer.

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