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Thread: Do you consider yourself successful?

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    Default Do you consider yourself successful?

    For those that have been in a long-term career or have developed a particular skill set, do you consider yourself successful? Have you gained popularity, financial profit or distinction among your peers? Are you known for anything?

    I'm hoping people will respond to this truthfully so the considerable number of young people on this site can realize two things. 1) If you work hard at something, you will eventually become successful at it and, 2) You can be successful while wearing diapers and/or having ABDL interests as long as you don't let it consume you.

    Now I know this thread invites fakers and boasters. Also, if you are successful, you might not want to reveal what it is that you do. Fair enough. I know I don't. So I'm just going to say that I am successful and looked up to by many people in my field. In other words, I'm considered an "expert." And, I've worn diapers off and on, from as little as 3 times a month to 24/7 for my entire 49 years on this planet. It can be done.

    How about you?

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    I would call myself successful. I have a desirable job in a very desirable location. I've obtained a bachelor's degree and many professional certifications. I've been promoted three times during my 16 year tenure with my organization. There are a number of other certifications that I'll obtain over the next few years. If things work out as planned, I'll be able to retire at 50 and move on to something else. I don't make a huge amount of money, but the job satisfaction is worth it. Not having a wife or kids helps the financial situation a lot. I live comfortably and can afford nice things within reason (like ABU diapers).

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    I'd say I've been successful as a church music director. I'm mostly retired now, working as a part time music director. The church appreciates me and I keep getting raises even though I've asked them not to give me a raise. When I first graduated from Westminster Choir College, Princeton, I became the accompanist and assistant director at the largest Methodist church in Ohio. Cleveland Orchestra Chorus rehearsed in our church choir room, and I was made the assistant accompanist to Cleveland Orchestra under the director of Dr. Robert Page.

    I gave concerts all over the U. S., east of the Mississippi. It's been a good life in that regard.

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    I consider myself successful. I've been in my field now for 22 1/2 years, had articles that have been reprinted in books, received awards for the electronics industry, and devices I designed are on Mars. I get paid extremely well and seem to have plenty of respect from those around me. Probably the wildest bit for me that gave me an indication I was successful was when there was a career day at my daughter's middle school, and an engineer from a different electronics company was talking to the kids and asking those who had a parent in the industry and where they worked. When he got to my daughter, she told him where I worked, and he asked, "Oh, does he know [name blocked]?" "Um, yeah, that is my dad." To this day I have no clue who the person was or how he knew my name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaz View Post
    You can be successful while wearing diapers and/or having ABDL interests as long as you don't let it consume you.
    That, right there, is the kicker. Distraction kills. Wearing diapers is fun and all, but it can also get in the way. I like wearing diapers but I'd be lying if I said I've never let them distract me.

    Right now, my biggest problem is that I'm really good at finding ways to waste time. It sucks. It sucks 'cause time is a limited resource and I know when I'm wasting it. I'm becoming more responsible with time but wasting it will always suck. If anyone's got advice, I'm open to listen.

    Cool thread, guys, thank you for sharing. I feel like I'm too young to be neither successful nor unsuccessful. I've got a long way to go.
    Last edited by africat; 03-Jan-2017 at 08:51. Reason: I edited my original comment to better align with the thread's prompt.

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    It's hard to say because "successful" is a vague term. It really depends on the context. In some ways, I consider myself successful. At other times, I feel like I have yet to really truly achieve success, but I don't like to say "I'm not successful", because then that pretty much says "I'm a failure", which I don't think I am (at least not in a healthy state of mind).

    I work in the entertainment industry, which is pretty much impossible to break into. And all the work that I have done so far is unpaid intern work and freelance online work that pays very little. So some would say that I'm not successful because I do not have a stable high paying career with a reliable income. And I definitely am hoping to land a long term well paying job in the industry soon.

    But I still would say I'm successful, even with only doing cheap freelance work and unpaid work. I have a Bachelors Degree, I have worked in an industry that lots of people dream of breaking into (even if it was unpaid), I have enough fans from my personal site and from Youtube that I've been recognized in public (and gotten ad revenue money from Google), I'm a self-published author (Not a best seller book by any means, but hey. People enjoyed it, and I made some money from it), and I have met some people successful people (Not famous celebrities, but they have their own IMDB pages) and have even gotten some of them to read my work.

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    No long-term career yet. I have been making videos on YouTube for a few years now (won't link it as I don't want anyone drawing connections), though that isn't really going anywhere.

    I guess I'm doing okay. Once I finish trade school (which will take me another two and a half years though, and I won't get paid until the final year), I should be able to find a job - not that kindergarten teachers earn much, but I can live with the pay if I can make a positive impact on the lives of these children .
    I just feel like I could and should be doing a lot better. At the same time, I often feel stuck.

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    I'm still on the planet, and living in my own basement instead of my mom's, so I guess the answer is yes.

    As for career, I feel I was moderately successful at the things I did, and the same with my amateur sports career. Could I have been more successful? Of course. I wish I had listened to my gut more and conventional wisdom less in the professional area. I think I got pretty close to my potential in sports thanks to some excellent coaching and advice (and the determination to put in a lot of hard miles).

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    I'd say yes. I've been at my job for 14 years, and make six figures. I've also been diapered every day since before college too.

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    As someone said, it's all relative, but I'm generally happy with where I'm at. Got a house, car, finances are all in order and I'm on track to retire comfortably at a reasonable age, etc. No long term relationship but honestly don't have much of an interest in one.. we have a great local kink community here and I'm having lots of fun.

    Career wise I'm happy, but I'm actually kind of stuck on where to go next.. I'm a software dev and hitting the point where to advance any further (and eventually likely to stay employed) I either need to move geographically, start my own thing, or go into the full management/leadership stream.. and none of those appeal to me at all to be honest. It's a common problem in this industry though, and that I've risen high enough for it to be a concern is probably a good thing.

    I really don't think the whole diaper thing really matters any more than being into bondage or hell just being into vanilla sex (I know at least one guy who could probably be way farther in life if his sole ambition wasn't picking up girls.. but then he probably has way more fun than I do). It's when it stops being part of your social / entertainment life and starts becoming the thing that defines you as a person that it can become a problem, but then as said, that's the same with everything. I think by virtue of this being a support forum we see more people who are struggling with life in general, and for some diapers are at the center of that, but overall I don't think the diapers themselves are really a barrier to career success.

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