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Thread: Where You Potty Trained Too Early?

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    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been a DL if I hadn't have been potty trained super early as I do remember seeing kids my age having their diapers changed which made me
    want to wear them again

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    I remember having some sort of ridiculous toilet phobia when i was 3. Potty Trained when i was 4 and a half. I didn't get out of diapers until i was 5. So i was extremely late. On top of that i was a bedwetter.

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    I actually potty trained late, around the age of 4 1/2. Reason being was because at the time, I was stubborn about potty training. It wouldn't surprise me if that was at least part of the reason why diapers appeal to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by areplicasrodeo View Post
    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been a DL if I hadn't have been potty trained super early as I do remember seeing kids my age having their diapers changed which made me
    want to wear them again

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    Man can I relate to that!

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    I was potty trained when I was almost 3yrs old. I remember wearing diapers and having my Mom do diaper checks on me, pulling at the back of my diaper and taking a peak or putting a finger in the elastic at the legs to see if I was wet. I also remember her untaping one side of my diaper to slide down and then placing me on the toilet. I don't think it was too early or too late.

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    My experience was similar. The only reason I was toilet-trained - at about age 4 - was because I was about to start school. We had our own washer and dryer, so that aspect didn't enter into the picture. However, kids were expected to be out of diapers upon starting kindergarten. I still wet my bed and pants, though, and wanted to be diapered for those reasons.

    I've heard, but don't know directly, that some kids do start school while still wearing diapers. Anyone know if this is true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
    Things were very different when I was potty trained in the mid 50's; nothing but cloth diapers and plastic pants (or rubber pants), plus most mothers were stay at home. Who wants to wash and hang diapers to dry daily, or carry around a big diaper bag full of wet/dirty diapers from changing a 4 year old? So there was plenty of incentive and opportunity to potty train as early as possible. Plus, preschools were almost unheard of, so exposure to other kids in diapers was minimal (typically younger siblings or cousins).

    I think this whole idea of potty training when older is a result of disposable diaper manufacturers removing a major incentive from the parents, and parents not being as hands on now.
    In early 70's it was cloth diapers and plastic underpants for me. I had siblings so being out of "baby clothes" was somewhere around age 2 - 3 and getting to wear training underwear was the big step. 90% of the time up through age 8 I was dry at night but several times in year from age 4 - 6 I still had accidents at night and had two pair of plastic underpants in my drawer. I would sometimes wear my pp for several nights after the initial accident (I think). None of this phased me much as it happened at night and other kids I knew had plastic underpants in their laundry baskets at their homes; just no one ever said anything about it.

    At age 8 I was back in protection when I had a severe bed wetting at a sleepover. My friend's mom helped me understand the importance of wearing protection and it stuck with me ever since. I do not have wet sheets anymore even though I may have some wetting today maybe only 3 - 4 times in a year and even then only slightly. I still feel more secure today wearing protection nightly though.

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    it took me till age 4 to use the potty regulary but ive always had accidents day and night in some form and ive been 24/7 for a year and have lost what control i did have and stated losing it by age 19. the only time i was truly out of protection was ages 8-11... my ab side developed at age 12 and by age 15 bedwetting began again.. so training didnt hold so well... lol

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    I was potty trained at age 4 if I remember correctly but I started to wet the bed about half a year ago...

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