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Thread: Cloth diapers, where to get?

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    Thank you babybike2, I forgot about changing times!

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    I use these . I lay a babykins insert down the middle for a little extra absorbency. The hold a lot just try to avoid pooping in them as poop will make cleanup much more difficult. You also have to get some pins (I use the ones from baby-pants). Cloth diapers also have to have a few wash/dry cycles before they reach max absorbency.

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    I have pocket diapers from teen adult diapers, happy endings diapers llc, and dependeco diapers and love them all and wear them 24/7 except to work I don't wear cloth to work. They work really well especially if you have some extra inserts that really helps. I use a single inset for a daytime diaper, two inserts for day/evening/ travel diaper and for bedtime either two or three inserts depending on how much I would like to waddle.

    I would recommend thinking about what you would like from the cloth diapers or what style you would prefer. I prefer pocket diapers mostly because the insert and the diaper (shell) dry separately and there for faster. There are also all in ones which you can still add inserts to boost absobancy and you don't have to stuff them, but take longer to dry and are a bit harder to tell when completely dry. There are also good old fashion pins and plastic pants which I do not have much if any know how about, but there are some good folks around these parts that do.

    I have had to do some very light mending on a couple of the leak guards on my teen adult diapers, but that took 5 minutes tops and have held up great since.

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    The Changing Times prefolds, contours, and booster pads are all excellent. Their prefolds are my favorite adult cloth diapers, though the Baby Pants prefolds are an extremely close second. The construction of the Baby Pants prefolds is not as true to the actual baby kind, but I find the squarish cut and 4x8x4 layering a little more comfortable, so...

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    I wish more companies would make the pockets in fun prints like they do for actual babies. I do not have the capabilities to make my own or I would try. I love the PUL fabrics they have now.

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    I've been using Kins for years. They work well and the price is right. Yes, there are other places but if you have had success with a particular diaper, why change?

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