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Thread: Cloth diapers, where to get?

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    Default Cloth diapers, where to get?

    I know of,, but where are some other good places to buy cloth diapers? I like the pocket diaper, all in one, style.

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    To be honest, most pocket or all in one diapers only cater to the feeling of having something in between your legs and maybe some cute prints. Most of these hold less liquid than store brand diapers. Pick your poison and add layers for more bulk, just don't expect it to function much more than a store brand diaper.

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    Pocket diapers can work well according to this article

    I have bought cloth diapers from babykins and also rearz

    There are many more places. These 2 are the most famous I think.
    And for the most variety (especially in AIO cloth diapers)

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    I have a dozen Snap-Ez adult Pocket Diapers and love them. I stuff them with twill prefolds from Changing Times Diaper Company: single diaper for daytime, and double diapers for bedtime. Highly recommend both companies and using cloth diapers, if you are able.

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    Changing Times Diaper Co. is my preference. They are hands down the most comfortable diaper I've worn. I have used both their pre-folds and contour diapers. They are a high quality product and excellent value.

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    I have several from Babykins, Fetware, Baby-Pants, LL Medico, and others.
    I have flannel, birdseye, and gauze. In Pull on, Contour and prefold.
    I always get night time for the thickness, and have some boosters as well for extra absorbency. Probably just a little paranoid about leaking...
    The bottom line (since they can get expensive) is try some that sound good and look good to you and then start to refine what you want and the suppliers you like best.
    Remember, if you are going to get birdseye diapers you will need some sturdy pins and maybe go with hiback plastic pants for better coverage (sometimes I go a size higher on plastic pants to get the coverage I like).
    Have fun, I hope this is of some help.

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    try places like amazon, ebay, and etsy, other than that, i would really recommend prefolds, you can actually get going with cloth prefolds for pretty cheap if you are willing to diy a bit. my recommended setup would be to get some plastic pants (look in the clearance section of the rearz website for cheap ten packs) and use a regular bath towel with automotive terry shop towels folded in. you can get some heavy duty pins from wallmart and you are set. later i'll try to put up a tutorial of how i do this. in terms of haveing a bulky diaper that is easy to maintain and actually holds something, prefolds would be the best option, just don't expect them to be discrete.

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    Make your own! You'll save a fortune in the long run and you ll have exactly what you want. Buy a sewing machine and whatever cloth and elastic and stuff you need and get sewing
    they're hardly precision sewn, made to measure garments so once you get the hang of it it wont take long for you to have a while pile. I've got some super pull on terry nappies that I made myself. There first one will go wrong!! But persevere.

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    I have one thats velcro but I have no idea how to wash it. I only use it over a disposable as I don't really know how to clean clothes n stuff, but the last time I used it my diaper leaked into it a little bit. Now I don't want to use it until it's clean

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