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Thread: Help! The chat wont work!

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    Default Help! The chat wont work!

    An error occurred: Connection to unix-domain socket(/tmp/cgiirc-pbe6xw/sock): No such file or directory

    This what I get when I come into the chat and try to post. Any help?

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    It's been like that since I joined; I just assumed tht no one used it, so they had let it die. Lol.

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    the IRC channel is still up, however the flashchat has long been dead.

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    You're on, obviously. And I used to get "broken pipe" errors when logging in through the site. I changed over to a stand-alone IRC client (Colloquy; I'm on an Apple) and now I'm usually on most nights.

    Care to post how you made it on and then mark this thread for closure?

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    I downloaded a firefox add ( I have firefox on my flashdrive). Now, lock this thing up!

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    Mesmerale does.

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