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Thread: Just joined the Army National Guard

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    Default Just joined the Army National Guard

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to let you know, being that i haven't been on in at least a week and haven't posted in a bit longer than that, that i have made the decision to join the national guard.

    Thankfully i was actually able to get it, however it took an ass load of doctors clearances to get in. Finally i went to my rectal surgeon and my acute proctits has cleared as has been my back... although they never found anything there in the first place.

    Also for the past few weeks i haven't "needed" to wear any protection, which is a very welcome change, pun intended. On top of that im no longer psychotic so OH YAH!!!! *cool-aid guy bursts in*

    My enlistment is whats called a 6x2 which means 6 years active guard, 2 years ready reserve. Also before someone brings it up im well aware of the "stop-loss" clause in my contract. My basic training starts early july and should wrap up after my AIT is completed in November. So from then till then i wont be on, please keep my account around for me.

    If possible, if i could talk to someone around here or someone that i know into it, i would like to start a blog or a sticky of some type with updates on how things are going. It seems that on the net there really isnt much information on Army BCT so if someone wants to volunteer... lol.

    Well any way wanted to let every one know, Hooah!!!
    Your new friendly neighborhood PV-1,

    *Note* If anyone has the urge to say that i am stupid ect. Please feel free to post, but at least backup your thought with Valid and LOGICAL reasons. Im well aware of the fact that i may end up in a war zone and am also aware that i may die. This is something that i accept, and hope that you can as well.

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    Congratulations TBDL58860. I spent 20 years on active duty and do not regret a single second of it. So I salute you on your decision to join up and good luck and keep us up dated when you can. As you can imagine it will be darn near impossible to update us during your Basic Training but when you graduate feel free to let us know how it went. You will meet people and make friends during your training and while in the National Guard. Some friends I hope you will remember 25 years from now like I do. I still stay in contact with these people that I knew over 25 years ago mostly over the Internet. We are working on a Reunion of my old Marine Helicopter Squadron. I hope it all works out for you and good luck and be safe.

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    Im thinking since my gf kinda knows about this side of me perhaps maybe ill ask her to post some of the letters that i send back from BCT. If not, ill keep a log of day to day life there as best i can and post bits and peices of it up here. I almost wish i was allowed to take a video camera to basic and AIT.... ive always liked making little movies and stuff, that would be great if it were allowed lol. Sadily its only a pipe dream hehe.

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    Congrats and thank you for joining a branch of our country's military. I hope you and your future unit stay safe.

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    to valentine i am going to be a 13D, and thank you fire

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbdl58860 View Post
    to valentine i am going to be a 13D, and thank you fire
    Enjoy Fort Sill... Summer is hell. I spent a summer there becoming a 13B.

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    So you are a 13D in Artillery the King of Battle. I was in Air Defence Artillery and spent some time at Fort Bliss Texas. I was a 16P which was a Chaparral Missile Crewman. They phased them out in the mid 90s and I was then a 14S a Avenger Missile Crewman. How small of a world it is my branch insignia has 2 crossed cannons with a missile through the middle and yours will be two crossed cannons. So again good luck and congratulations on your decision.
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    well good luck and enjoy your time serving. To me that is probably one of the hardest decisions for one to make...but in the end that is probably a list of people 2 feet long that have done good after their time served. So once again, good luck with everything.

    One question, what is a "stop-loss" clause?

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    stop-loss means that you can be required by your government to return back to military service even after your term of active duty is over, i believe. is that right?

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