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Thread: Drop your pants!!!!

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    It really was the most confusing advertising campaign I've ever seen. Depends is usually purchased by elderly. Most young people, especially those with incontinence only use them as a back up for emergencies, knowing that far superior products exist.

    To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd...

    What were they thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    Their marketing is pretty funny to me; but totally missing their target demographic of the elderly and disabled for the most part. Who are they trying to appeal to? Teens and people my age?

    Fun reaction to that by the way XD
    They're trying to appeal to incontinent people who AREN'T elderly and disabled. Those of us in our 30's or even younger who are shocked to find ourselves having continence problems. I actually like their "underwareness" campaign.

    Younger incontinent people are the forgotten demographic when it comes to incontinence. It's a big part of the reason so many people don't seek treatment. Too ashamed or emabarressed to go to the doctor with a problem that they're "too young to have". Anything that sheds light on the fact that incontinence affects younger people too is a good thing if they'd just fix they're worthless products...

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    You brought it, Mitchy! I liked your video you did on ABDL awhile back, and I like this one, too. You're hilarious! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!


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    Depends is geared for the stress incontinence market, which is the group most likely not to pursue medical help. Even their tab briefs cannot handle a normal sized void. What I do not understand is why they have been successful for as long as they have.

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    People, even younger, think of any adult diaper as "depends". When we have had to get diapers for older family members, it was always awful performing depends. They have the name recognition and that's all that matters.

    If they made great performing products, they would really have something! But , they won't for some reason.

    The only time I have had depends I had to be like in a very specific position. And my small bladder would still make them leak. I'm pretty sure I could wear an abena while sitting upside down and it wouldn't leak!

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    ​For a totally medically incontinent disabled guy like me, DEPEND "Fitted Briefs", and their "Adult Pull-Ups" are useless to stem the flow of my flooding and my mega-messing.

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    I'm probably going to do an epic rap battle of like Bambino Diapers Vs. ABUniverse. The Bambino will be Italian and the Other will be like space related whether it be an alien or astronaut etc.

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