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Thread: New IRC channel for furs

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    Default New IRC channel for furs

    Me and Corri have created a new channel on Furnet for fellow babyfurs and littlefurs

    #Fluffytails is our daycare and adoption agency, hopefully we can get a few carers from here to help out

    Sorry if this seems like advertisement just wanting to spread the word, hope to see all you cubs there :3

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    For what it's worth, i'd be down for either if I was still on #IRC, but still...... Is there really that big a need to seperate the babyfurs here, from the "Ordinary" dl/ab types? I would think all could co-mingle fine anyway, but that's just me, and I ain't been on IRC in YEARS anyway...

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    Well this was originally a project in Second Life because there's thousands of human daycares but none for furs, so one was made and we remain the best furry daycare, this is just a step to further caring for fellow furs, humans are by all means welcome but again we're more suited to furs

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    Please note its on the furnet network, not blitzed as ADSIC is.

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    Really love this little channel, it's fantastic and very friendly. Real great.

    - love Breakhoof

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