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Thread: Huntsman spider.

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    Default Huntsman spider.

    seems like i've got a little friend outside, been hanging around my room for some time, he always finds his way in my room lol.

    that being said, might keep him in my room when he comes in, to kill the white tails that come in here.

    anyone else down in australia have spiders around this time of year? he tried coming though my window lol the other day, went to close it, bam there he was again.

    I usually grab a glass and let them out, but they always seem to find there way back in, so i don't bother, plus i don't really see white tails or bees when he is around. he has killed a few i reckon.

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    We've got a few little house spiders hanging around. As long as they stay out of the way and take care of business, I leave them alone. If they come out in the middle of a room or on my desk or something, game over.

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    We have pholcids and zebra spiders. The former are quite numerous in the garage, and occasionally make it into the house. I usually dispatch those with a broom or a wad of tissue paper. They make a mess otherwise. The zebra spiders are kind of fun to play with, and as they don't build webs or leave heaps of bug carcasses in one place, I usually let them live.

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    So I looked up huntsman spiders... scary looking critters, although apparently they're not all THAT venomous. We have some around the outside of the house, under logs and patio blocks mostly. I've only seen them in the house once or twice. Can't remember whether I offed them. Again, would have left them be if they were off in a corner somewhere minding their own business.

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    I've just got Wolf Spiders up where I live. They're big ugly bastards but harmless to humans. I've seen some scary big ones though.

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    I got bit by a brown recluse several years ago and got MRSA from the little bugger. I had to get a pick line inserted and get IV antibiotics. Sometimes I'll see a daddy long legs in our house. I pick them up and let them loose outside.

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    I'm in Canada, so we don't really get spiders this time of year, and when they do appear, I'm not close enough to the wilderness to see big ones. I usually just leave them be, unless they're above my bed or uncomfortably close to me. That's when they're, ehm, disposed of.

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    I don't like spiders at all. If they are outside they are left alone to live their happy ugly creepy lives... inside and they get the vacuum cleaner treatment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    I don't like spiders at all. If they are outside they are left alone to live their happy ugly creepy lives... inside and they get the vacuum cleaner treatment.
    I'm with you on this. ^^; I am highly arachnophobic and always have been. I have discovered that, as an arachnophobe, it can be beneficial to avoid killing the Pholcus Phalangioides species. Not only are they virtually unable to bite humans, but they also tend to hang out in quiet corners rather than investigate your desktop or kitchen countertops or *shiver* bed. Best of all, they kill and eat other species of spiders. ^_^ And for me, despite their size, they have less of a "creep factor" than most other types. I try to leave those alone when I find them in the house, as long as they're not in an inconvenient place (like hanging over my head in the shower, e.g.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shybug View Post
    to kill the white tails that come in here.
    What are white tails? We have lots of spiders here in Florida, but nothing like the diversity in Australia (especially the venomous type). I like spiders as long as they don't get in my space.

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