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Thread: Oddest diapering experience?

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    Default Oddest diapering experience?

    So I was on the Tantive IV. We'd just made a hyperspace jump, fleeing the battle at Scarif. We were all in fight-or-flight adrenaline mode, as you can imagine, but there was a brief lull, which is unnerving. I decided to diaper up for a bit, to take the edge off. I found a secluded spot down by the escape pods, and was just about to tape on a Depends Overnight (this was a long time ago; if better dyps existed I wasn't aware of them) when who should appear but Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan! I was mortified, petrified with fear, but she just gave me a little smirk and asked if I "needed help with that." I blushed and nodded and she fastened it up, then patted me on my crinkly butt and told me to "go get 'em, tiger!"

    Of course, a short while later I was captured by Imperial Storm Troopers and processed into a detention block - still diapered, and sneered at by the guards who found it. That was awkward!

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    That isn't nearly as awkward as the time Admiral Piett walked in on Darth Vader while he was having his Rearz Seduction changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueCrinkle View Post
    I find your lack of protection ... disturbing.
    If you only knew the powder on the Dark Side

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