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Thread: Am I a sissy?

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    Default Am I a sissy?

    What does it mean to be a sissy? I like to wear or be forced into girls clothes. Do you think I am a sissy?

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    You need to broaden your search for the proper answer to your inquiry.
    There are other forums to read and review to see just how you fit into the sissy matrix.
    Maybe you are just a cross dresser - not all sissy's are cross dressers and not all cross dressers are sissy's.
    Being forced to cross dress is another subject with perhaps bondage in mind.

    Don't be too quick to mislabel yourself - enjoy the search for whatever pleasure lights your fire !

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    You are you. If you feel like a sissy you're a sissy. It sounds like you have a sub streak that gets turned on by being forced to wear little girl type clothing.

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    I am transgender, so I wish I was a girl, does that count as being a sissy?

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    I think you're a sissy

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    Hmmm. There are a couple different issues here, I think.

    So in my book, being transsexual (MTF) is different than being a sissy. It means you're a girl, a woman. However, just like many MTF trans people go through a period where they identify as "gay", you might similarly go through a period in which you identify as "sissy". As others have noted, it sounds like there is a submissive component to this, and perhaps you're wanting to find your identity through being "forced" to? It can be an effective approach, if you find the right person to explore that with. ^^;

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    Yeah... What sapphyre said, i identify as a transgender girl, sometimes i like to think im being forced into diapers not girl clothes, because i like and wear girl clothes all the time and so i dont and never identify as sissy.

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    I never heard the term sissy before joining this forum, I'm still unclear what it means myself.

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    Being trans and being a sissy are different things. Being trans means you identify with a gender other than what you were assigned at birth. For many this may involve eventually presenting as the gender they feel most comfortable in 24/7 (Often referred to as transitioning). For me, I transitioned socially, semi-medically, and legally (I.e. Everyone I know refers to me as she/her, I've been on hormone replacement therapy for over four years and see a therapist semi regularly, and all my legal documents reflect my gender identity).

    A sissy is different, though Sapphyre may be right in that trans women may go through a sissy face before coming to terms with their gender identity. I'm far from the expert, but I've always understood "sissy" to be derived from it's origins: as a pet name for a little sister. Possibly because I'm a film person, I think it has evolved in a way similar to the Hollywood trope of the sissy. During the first 50 years of Hollywood, film's had men characters often referred to as sissys. These characters were Hollywood's attempt at including gay men without making it overt to unexpecting viewers; the result were sexless, silly men characters that mostly existed to tease and get laughs. They also tended to dress in a more fem manner (while still wearing "men's clothes") than other men in film. In a number of such films, women friends of sissys would often joke about things like "don't let me catch you wearing my dress." Whether this was Hollywood reacting to a reality or Hollywood leading a new assumption, I have no idea. To my knowledge though, the modern use of "sissy" often refers to acting submissive and silly while dressing up as a woman (to my knowledge most sissys don't transition, though there is some sissy fantasies about it). The sissy little side actually reads into my understanding of the roots of the word; these sissies seem to balance the Hollywood sissy with the little sister pet name. That said there are also sissies that seem to read all the horrible stereotypes about women and apply it to their persona of the "sissy slut."

    Granted, all that stuff about sissies could be wrong (I'm not an expert on gender play). Either way, it is hard for any of us to say whether you are a trans gal or a sissy. For all I know, you could realize that you are a trans gal who likes to be a sissy as well. You do you (just do it legally, safely, and consensually).

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    I recommend you go to the home page and click on "articles", then ABDL, and then sissies versus baby girls. That might help some.


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