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Thread: What size pampers do I need?

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    Default What size pampers do I need?

    I am looking for some pampers that fit. I have a 28 inch waist but I dont want to take a risk with my junk. Should I use a size 7?

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    Wear diapers sized for adults unless you are a tiny person. I started wearing adult diapers when I was 15 back in the mid-80's. Do you realize how far adult diapers have come since then? Seriously, ditch the baby diapers. They are sized for small children.

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    Try Pampers Baby Dry size 6/7 they're more or less the same thing. The size 7 is maybe an inch wider? Not really worth the extra money in my opinion. If you work at the tapes, you can very easily get them up to a meter across. I feel like they'd fit you all right. Of course them being baby diapers they're not the most absorbent things ever. You don't have a whole lot to lose; if they end up not fitting, they make excellent stuffers for a larger diaper.

    I haven't tried them, but GoodNites should fit you at your 28 inch waist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGDL View Post
    I am looking for some pampers that fit. I have a 28 inch waist but I dont want to take a risk with my junk. Should I use a size 7?
    Get the largest you can find.

    And even then, they may not "fit." They're for babies, after all! (But I still like 'em.)

    The Pampers size 6 and 7 diapers are confusing. For very non-obvious reasons, there are two distinct sizing systems that are not interchangeable at all, and yet the baby weights quoted on the packages make it seem as though they ought to be. So here's a quick list of the size 6 and 7 P&G diapers, ordered from largest to smallest:

    1. Pampers Baby Dry 6, Extra Protection 6 (recently discontinued), Luvs 6
    2. Pampers Cruisers 7
    3. Pampers Cruisers 6, Swaddlers 6, Swaddlers Overnights 6

    Perhaps surprisingly, Cruisers 7 is not the largest. In fact, it was at best tied with Baby Dry 6 and the others on line #1, but with the latest "Extra Absorb Channels" revision, it's been reduced in length by about 3/4 of an inch. D'oh!
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    crusers 7, babydry 6, or luvs 6, those are the only ones i have found to work. that said, you could also check out the lil suirts by rearz if the babyish print and single tapes are what you want.

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    I have 34" waist which is considered medium, I believe. I actually prefer large diapers, and they are flexible in their taping on the front, so it doesn't have to be a socalled "perfect fit". Better to err on the larger than the smaller side.

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    Would you be wearing inside the rearz from the plane or outdide?

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