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Thread: How to wear diapers with VERY strict parents?

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    Question How to wear diapers with VERY strict parents?

    So yeah, as you can tell from the title this is basically my predicament. Thanks to my birthday, I have the money to order almost whatever diapers I want online or anything in a store. The only problem is my parents, who I unfortunately still live with. They are very, very finicky about what I do, what I buy, what I order, where I am, and what and where my stuff is.

    The whole process of buying and wearing diapers is fucked. I don't have a car that I can use to go anywhere to buy, and to my knowledge there are no stores within practical walking or biking distance. Even if there were, they would want to know exactly where I was going, who would be there, when I'd be back, and they'd call me regularly and check my bags when I got back. So then I'd have to order online, and that's still a problem. My mom sometimes checks to see what I've bought online, but not always. I'm never exactly sure when a package will get here, and if something gets here when I'm not there, they'll open it, or at the very least get extremely suspicious. They also check my room very regularly, and like to look through my stuff. The only place that's secure is my attic, and it's a tad hard to get up there and they'd wonder why I'm up there so much. And then there's the problem of actually wearing the diapers. The crinkling sound, the smell--they're very perceptive for things like that, especially my dad. They even look into the trash occasionally, always looking for something they accidentally threw away. And if they find out at all--and they have before--they would never let me see the end of it, as they tend to be very conservative.

    So that's the situation I'm in. I still get the urges to wear all the time, but for this reason, I can never act on them. It sucks, really. There IS a large box of depends in the basement that used to belong to my grandfather, but those are huge and crinkly and generally not worth it. Is there anyone in a similar situation that has still successfully worn diapers? Please give me some assistance because I can't think of a solution on my own.

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    The best solution long term I think is to make a plan to get out of there and implement it ASAP. While I'm generally an advocate of "their house, their rules" when it comes to living with parents, your situation as described sounds pretty oppressive.

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    I also live with my parents and the sound is not a problem. I'm currently wearing a Crinklz (as you might expect, they should crinkle) but is not that much, just cover yourself with something (a coat or jacket) and you'll be fine.

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    I've been there. It's an extremely toxic situation to be literally 18 yet treated like you are 7 still with regards to privacy. Especially when you've done nothing wrong with regards to drugs, theft, etc.

    I can't possibly urge you enough to do all you can to get out of there as soon as humanly possible. If you're still in high school, you can always finish that later, and tell any employers you already have a high school diploma, as no one ever checks. If it's for college, it isn't worth it to be treated like that for another four years. Especially not these days.

    When you've lived your entire life that way, you don't realize just how abnormal that situation is. But trust me, it took me a decade to get over most of the mental hangups and intense paranoia, bordering on schizophrenia, that living with zero privacy for 18 years caused me. I still have major trust issues to this day over it. Combined with the other abuses I endured, I'll never talk to them again.

    For the immediate time being though, what I did was makeshift diapers, and then throw them away elsewhere so they couldn't be found in the trash. But I had a car so it wasn't a big deal to drive to a nearby apartment complex to dispose of it all. If you have one within walking or biking distance, go that route when you're 100% sure neither of them will be home. Don't risk hiding things, even in your attic.

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    If I were you, I'd learn to be a bit more evasive when your parents want to know where you're going, etc. Over time you might be able to train them to be less nosy.

    It's none of your parents' business if you want to wear diapers. Your life, your rules.

    Maybe get a lockable trunk for your bedroom so you can lock your stuff away knowing your parents won't be able to find it...?

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    The best advice I can give would be to order small. Things like sample packs that are the size of a normal package and very discrete. As for wearing if you live where it gets cold winter is one of the best times of the year to wear as you usually have extra layers that help hide any noise or bulge. Other than that I would say wear at night when you aren't around your parents. I would also suggest you start ordering online more so your parents get used to getting packages in the mail and stop questioning it every time. I would also be prepared to have an excuse for what it could be so your not trying to think of an excuse on the spot.

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    Do you have an income of your own? Bank account? You can order online, have it delivered to a UPS Store, use Uber or something to give you a ride to pick it up.

    In your situation though, work on becoming financially independent. I know it's easier said than done, but it could be something rewarding in your future and be able to do the things that your parents wouldn't agree with.

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    It's hard to be a good parent too.

    Very sorry to hear of your predicament, I think most nosy parents just want to do the best thing by their kids and think whatever they might find they can fix if they need too.

    It's a shame that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing diapers and it's such a deeply personal and wonderful thing but many parents go the nuclear route when they hear about it and then you hear of other parents barely blink when it comes to teen pregnancy and drug use.

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    I am trying, but the situation is a lot more complicated and much worse than you might think, unfortunately :/ I wish I could just pack up and go but I can't

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