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Thread: Anyone else sick?

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    Just coming off being ill. I've been down for a good week now Or I should say a bad week!

    Don't wish this on anyone. I slacked on getting my flu shot and I think that is exactly what I have had.

    Just barely beginning (after over 9 days) to begin to feel myself again.

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    I have the cold right now, It stinks.

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    Literally everyone around me is, which means I'm probably next. That's lovely.

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    i have a cold which surprised me. the last time i can remember being sick was in collage when i got pnemonia from inhaling a face full of diesel smoke from our Detroit series 60 in chassis rebuild rig (part of the class was a full tear down and in chassis rebuild of engine which must run before and after) But before that the only time i really remember was when i was 7 years old i got the flu.

    until today ive only ever been sick twice in my life. my immune system has been pretty rock solid.

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