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Thread: Anyone else sick?

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    Default Anyone else sick?

    I've been fighting a cold over the Christmas holiday. My nose is full of gunk and my eyes are sore. I'm tucked into bed, in a diaper, sipping on honey tea and reading a book. I'm comfortable right now, but I hope I get better soon.

    Is anybody else sick, right now? If you are, how are you making the most out of your illness? If you're not, what did you get up to, today? Happy holidays, everyone.

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    I had a cold earlier this month, but fortunately, it turned out to be rather mild in nature.

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    .Last Monday I awoke with a head cold but thankfully it ran it's course quickly and I was near normal for the weekend, Christmas.

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    I'm sick with a cold. I started coming down with it on Wednesday. I had to play both the Christmas Eve service and Sunday morning feeling like crap. Last night it went into the coughing stage. It's almost impossible to sleep with constant coughing. This morning it went into the lower track. Lots of fun. This is why I not only hate getting colds, but I also hate winter.

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    I have the flu. It really messed up my Christmas, but my family was nice and made me a meal that wouldn't upset my stomach. Finally past the fever stage, so I must be getting better.

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    Not yet, but I have been warned by several friends about a particularly nasty virus going around. o.o;;;

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    I'm sick - sick and tired of my economical/social situation.

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    Yep had a dodgy bit of pizzas last night and now seeing to much of my toilet room
    Me thinks I'll put plastic pants over my night time diaper tonight just in case

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Yep had a dodgy bit of pizzas last night and now seeing to much of my toilet room
    Me thinks I'll put plastic pants over my night time diaper tonight just in case

    i had a dribble, earlier on, too
    with an irony, i'd just taken off a pair of training-pants, which i'd been wearing because of my arse abcess whilst i awaited my grocery delivery, when it happened. i was next to the bathroom, so it was just a side-hop onto safe ground. i think it was these antibiotics that i'm taking for the abcess; i'm used to my usual, two-a-day tablets (a breeding inhibitor), but these killler tabs have caught me off-guard a couple of times, not to mention being a pain to squeeze the four-a-day dose in between meals when it seems that i need to allow two hours before eating, rather then the one hour stated on the pack.

    the abcess has plagued me for about a month, but it's origin goes back further and on the other buttock. no, it's never simple.
    and, yep, i got the nasty flu/cold that's going around whilst suffering with the abcess. and that really pissed me off as i could no longer monitor myself for signs of blood-poisoning and made me an even more-than-the-usual grumpy, old bastard, for which i make no apologies to those who gave the bloody thing.
    i think i've got another cold, but it doesn't seem too bad .

    anyway, my first day alone for xmas, i got to cream-up and wear a nappy and i then managed to drain some pus off. YAY! for a bit of privacy, at last!
    more cream, more nappies and more draining ensued until it was much lessened and slowly draining itself; i've actually spent most of my time without any kecks on and dabbing away.

    i've even had to resort to getting groceries delivered by Asda. thank feck for them
    (but they didn't deliver the two-for-4 CYO pizzas! the tikka masala meal with a cup of ale went down well, though . i'm just tempting fate, aren't i?)

    strangely, my shoulders haven't been too bad, for winter, even though it was -6C at 22:00, tonight.

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    Thankfully no. My wife was terribly sick with the flu a week ago. but I did no get it.

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