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Thread: Inglourious Basterds

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    Default Inglourious Basterds

    Has anyone already heard about this movie? It's a Quentin Tarrentino film that involves Brad Pitt wanting to dismember Nazi's and have 800 Nazi scalps. It really looks friggin intense.

    Trailer ---> YouTube - Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Trailer #1 [HD QUALITY]

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    I plan on going to see it. I watched the trailer about the same time it came out and I can really agree that it looks rather good.

    I never expected a WW2 era movie from Quentin. Also he's going to get away with anything he wants since the movie is about killing nazi's (not german civilians, but nazi's) and making fun of Hitler.

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    Anything directed by Tarantino is a must see, IMO. This will not be an exception as Brad Pitt looks like a total bad ass.

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    I hadn't seen that yet. I love this super bloody stuff from Tarantino. All though I have to admit that it is hard to beat Kill Bill.

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    Mike Myers stars in this as well. Should be interesting to see him take on a more 'serious' role. It looks pretty good, I'll definitely see it.

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    The trailer, especially the clip of Hitler freaking out, cracked me up a lot. But yeah, that movie is going to be awesome. Most of his movies seem so over the top that they are funny in a really weird way, while still being really intense.

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    Ah yes Inglourious Basterds...I have been waiting for quite some time now for QT to finaly start shooting it! I thought it would never happen!

    Hopefully it wont be as bad as Death Proof!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugiwara View Post

    Hopefully it wont be as bad as Death Proof!
    Death proof wasn't bad though the first half of it really did not mean anything. But the end chase of that movie, damn that was intense and is what made it all worth it.

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