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Thread: New drynites?

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    Default New drynites?

    So yeasterday I was at the supermarket (Woolworths) and I was planning on getting some 8-15 girls drynites but when I got there there were none and there were heaps of the other types. Does this mean there might be another design coming out? I really hope there is!

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    I so hope so! About time they finally changed those crappy designs. I hate them, well except the owl one, that was alright. Probably just out of stock though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barush View Post
    There's still a Woolworth store?
    According to the internet they still exist in Australia, but the Australian company, though named after the American and UK version, is formally a different company.

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    It would be interesting to see but since they are now too short and stretchy for me I probably won't buy them.

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