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Thread: Convertups vs DIY modding

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    Question Convertups vs DIY modding

    Before i start, i would just like to highlight the extremely creative and brilliant idea of convert ups that cater to this community. Very much appreciated product and business idea!! However, living in Canada, and at home still, ordering them online is kind of a dodgy option at the moment.

    I would just like some input from people that have convertups or have tried them. How do they stack up against DIY versions in terms of overall satisfaction?

    Also, can they work with pullup type diapers?

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    I haven't experiment too much with mine but so far I find them loose and it leaves my ass exposed. I've only tried it with a kmart size 6 diaper and my lion gaurd pull ups so far so i'm not ready to call it a failure yet.

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    Haven't tried Convert-Ups but I've been having success lately with my own way of modding Pull-Ups training pants, which consists of simply using diaper and safety pins to secure it to a pair of underwear I cut the crotch out of. It's not perfect, but it works pretty well for me.

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