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Thread: Have you ever changed a diaper?

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    I've raised 4 kids, and have changed a ton of diapers.
    To be honest, I was always a bit afraid at first, as I was obviously well aware of my own personal fixation with them.
    But I can honestly say, that changing my kids never once bought out my "dark side" as I was concerned that it would.
    If anything, I definitely didn't enjoy it at all. It's one thing to imagine yourself in a fantasy situation where you and others are getting changed together and it's intimate, but it's a whole new kettle of fish when it comes down to taking care of your kids.
    And that's a good thing. Feeling mild disgust rather than any sort of pleasure actually made me feel better as a person.

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    Nope. But I've seen my brother get changed too many times to count. Definitely don't want that job (or being responsible for taking care of anyone's dirty diapers for that matter).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear85 View Post
    As a nurse, i can say that I've easily changed thousands and thousands of nappies in a work capacity. Yet i still suck at putting them on myself.
    I wonder how much better you are at it seeing as you wear yourself? I would expect the people you've diapered have enjoyed a much better protecting, more comfortable fit as a result of your understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    I'm kinda curious how that went, particularly the first few times for you and them (both as the changer and changed) I think I'd be pretty uncomfortable with it at least to start with.
    It's a special feeling. It takes a few to become comfortable at changing others. We give ourselves advice and have a good time. Unless one person is really shy, it doesn't get awkward. Since we mainly do that with other trustworthy abdl friends near, it helps.

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    It's been five years since our youngest (of two kids) was in diapers, but yeah... I've changed a lot of diapers! It was never a pleasant thing, but after the first few months of having a baby and changing diapers constantly, it went from being horrible to being a relatively mundane routine. Of course, there were occasional "blowouts" (I'd call them "crap-tastrophes") that made me say or think, "Gah! I can't wait to get this kid out of diapers!" But, for the most part, the diaper years passed swiftly and uneventfully, and weren't a big deal at all. In fact, I'd have our two-year-olds back any day. So much easier to control!

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    I used to change my ex's diaper all the time. No big deal. Had to force him when he was drunk.

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    Not as of yet. However, I'm on the verge of moving in with a man that wants to keep me in diapers & plastic pants! I am super excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    I was just interested in finding out really. Just want to know how many members have actually changed a diaper before.

    Obviously, it doesn't count if you've only changed your own.

    Personally... Yes I have. Only once though.
    I changed a fellow dl like twice but that's it.

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