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Thread: Neeed help looking for a car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Yeah all the US cars are crap now. That's because everyone wants them to be cheap. The rest doesn't seem to matter any more, so they break too soon or need excessive maintenance. Which is stupid since that ends up costing us more overall.

    Even my 12 year old jeep got to a point the maintenance was costing me more than getting a new car (so I did). And that was with every bit of maintenance being taken care of since I bought it new.
    I don't think I've ever owned anything newer than 1991 and that was the year I was born lol. Most my vehicles have been mid-to-late eighties Ford pickups, back when Ford pickups were still top of the market and completely Bulletproof. I still have my 1988 Ford F150 the chassis and the original engine block is closing in on two million miles I think it's about time for a new crate engine still runs like a top but it drinks about a quart of oil month normally when I get to this bad I just strip it down bore it out but the last time I rebuilt that I finally hit the .60 over mark and I wouldn't trust a street engine to go any further than that cylinder walls are too thin at that point I may take it up to a 351 Windsor instead of a 302. Buried somewhere out back in the barn I have my old 89 Bronco mud truck it's got a 20-over 351 with a stroker kit and a mild cam and a tuned fuel injection I think that'll fit nicely down in my F-150.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    I've had several ford focus, never had a problem out of any of them great little cars. When it comes to grade A crap nothing can beat a general motors vehicle.

    It's actually...


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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon123 View Post
    Hi I am looking at buying a car off of craigslist for around $500.00-$700.00 and
    cant seem to find a car I really want but there are some cars that fit my budget so its not a total waste i only have until January first to get a car because the weather outside is getting really cold out. if you are in the Atlanta or Woodstock area and have a car to sell please PM me I am in Woodstock GA also I would be ever so greateful for any help in looking for a car thank you in advance and Happy Holidays
    At that price you'll be lucky if the car makes it home before the transmission explodes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    At that price you'll be lucky if the car makes it home before the transmission explodes.
    Not Quite. if you know how to Spot a Good Car it can be done. i have never paid more than $1100 for a car before in my life, my most recent one was my celica and it only cost me $600. its one of the best running vehicles i have had in a while. where i am from its common to find vehicles for far less than average national Value simply because there is so many cars here. often times people will hock them for less than $1000 or trade for ATV or Guns/hunting equipment.

    it really just depends on location and the intuition of the buyer to do their research.

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