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    I'm a big guy, I have severe urge incontinence. Matter of fact I ended up losing control and urinating in my pants twice today. (mainly because I was too lazy to get diapered after my shower) anyway, I can't find comfortable diapers. I have a flat butt which means whatever I put on, falls off unless I keep pulling them up. I've tried Abriform, Dry 24/7, Wellness and Tranquility. I'm just out of luck I guess. I'm 6'1" 300#. I've lost 60 lbs in the last year and hopefully will keep losing weight. But I still can't find decent diapers that fit comfortably and correctly. Maybe it's time to invest in cloth diapers and plastic pants. I should be diapered 24/7 like my PCP says. SO maybe that is the way to go. Anybody else have this issue, or might have some suggestions? Thanks for reading my rant.

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    Congratulations on losing 60 pounds and I wish you luck in losing more (I know how difficult that is, I am overweight and need to lose at least 30 pounds).

    I don't have a suggestion for diapers but have you considered a onsie? These will help hold your diaper in place. They also help conceal the diaper.

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    Thanks! Yes I've been on a high protein low carb diet for about 8 months.

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    I understand, I am a big guy with a flat butt as well. I am 6' 0", and used to weigh 280, I am now down to 215, but still have a flat butt, LOL. My best advice it to make sure that you find a diaper that is long enough. I only have luck with plastic back diapers, that are long enough to wrap around the top of my butt, so that the angle of the top tapes can be pointing downward. You have to stick to plastic back, so that the back sheet doesn't stretch out after you put it on, then it becomes loose, and slides down. When you put on your diaper you will feel like you are pulling it up kind of high in the back, but once it is taped, and you look in the mirror, I find that it is more even front to back than it felt going on. The important thing is finding a diaper that when it is tall enough in the back, still has a good fit around the back of the leg/ bottom of butt cheek area ( where most leaks come from). Hope this helps.

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    Thank you!! I will try to find a diaper that is long enough for my needs. I primarily wear Tranquility and Dry 24/7 and those work well. I will try what you told me as far as keeping the diaper high in the back! Thanks again.

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    it's being fat, that's the problem. I'm overweight too and the gut makes the top of the diaper loosen up over time and it ends up falling down or folding over. It's miserable and I feel the same way, always feeling the need to adjust.

    I'm slowly loosing weight but recently found some new resolve and going to really get at it over the next few months.

    Compression shorts over the diaper help keep it feeling snug. You have to pull them up over you pants waistline and cinch your belt over it. That's the only solution I've found. With a flat stomach, that problem will go away. Use it as another motivator keep your weight loss efforts up.

    When I quite smoking 7 years ago I was roughly as fat as I am now. Most people gain weight when they quit and I was afraid of that. So I started running. I was dedicated. In like 3-4 months I probably lost 75lbs. I never weight myself, just went by how clothes fit. Then I met my wife and over the last 4-5 years I've slowly put all that weight plus some back on. My goal is by Memorial Day to be back where I was 7 years ago! Who knows, maybe the weightloss will reduce the incon too!

    Losing weight is actually really easy if you're committed. Exercise every day and don't undo your exercise by putting crap in your mouth. Allow yourself one nice cheat meal a week. It's not unrealistic to lose 5+lbs per week doing this and you'll feel remarbably better (as I'm sure you already do being down 60lbs).

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    The hardest obstacle I have found to running is the weather (and batshit crazy neighbors and their pets, but thats another matter)

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    I'm about the same size as you. And I definitely have the same problem. When I'm not sitting around the house so it isn't as bothersome, I tend to wear pants with a drawstring. I have my wife tie them pretty tight and it keeps my diaper from having to be pulled up so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    The hardest obstacle I have found to running is the weather (and batshit crazy neighbors and their pets, but thats another matter)
    gym, treadmill.

    I like running outside when the weather's nice but in the cold months I go to a super cheap gym (planet fitness $10 a month) just to use their treadmills.

    Running is an awesome way to lose weight. Once you work up to around 6mph, you're doing 10 minute miles. 2 miles run every day is only a 20 minute workout and combined with a clean diet the weight just shreds off. Back when I was doing this, some days I'd run 3 or 4 just for shits and giggles. Every week someone would comment on how much weight I was losing.

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