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Thread: hey i like to wet my diaper

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    Default hey i like to wet my diaper

    so my interests are wetting in diapers and bondage and wetting my pants and bed wetting. i dont get to do much as im only 16 sand don't have a license but once i get my license ill be buying some diapers. i love to wet diapers and wear them for long period or be bound in them and i love wearing plastic pants.

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    Welcome. Not the best intro, but not terrible. Do you have some other interests? Like, sports, shows, movies, etc.? Welcome again.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    The Silent Assassin kind of hit it on the head. While this site is for this, there are plenty of other threads available as well. There's one for football players and groups for miscellaneous reasons. (I'm personally in a mathaholics group, though the actual name eludes me.) Either way, welcome to the group and I look forward to talking to you in later threads.

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    Hey weirdale; welcome to ADISC : )

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    hi, welcome
    but honestly that creeped me out a bit.
    be more human with you posting, and think before you post a thread (as in think about the title[will it creep people out] and think about what your gonna post in it and maybe add a bit more, correct grammatical faults before posting[give it the once over]), just some useful tips.

    oh and welcome. enjoy your stay at adisc, we give out free Peaches

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