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    Default ID slip pe

    Is this diaper any good? I just ordered a bag of mediums

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    Yeah they are pretty good, at least the Maxi capacity version is.

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    Yeah. They're not my favourite, but there's a lot to like about them. Very comfy, snug fit, nice plastic, decent tapes.

    The only thing I don't like is that the padding doesn't come up very far at the front, leaving a large unpadded plastic bit at the top. So it wouldn't be great for gents laying down, and I find the excess plastic can be a bit sweat-inducing. But they're still good diapers.

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    I've used these before and found them to be entirely reasonable. Reminded me a lot of the old plastic backed Tena Slip Maxis. Only thing I'd say is they're quite noisy in my experience, although whether that's a problem or a benefit is down to personal preference.

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    For those of you that have used these, what do you think of the fit? I bought a case of these and they don't seem too big or too small, but they seem to ride low on the backside and there seems to be a lot more material between the legs than I am used to, making it difficult to walk without waddling even before wetting/messing. The only diapers I have used previously are the Tranquility ATNs and NorthShore Supremes and they both seemed to fit very well. I am pretty new to this and it could just be that I haven't allowed the diapers to sit long enough after being removed from the packaging to decompress a bit. If you have any feedback or suggestions I would appreciate it!

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    I like them a lot. They fit me really good and they are fairly thin starting out so they are perfect for discreet wear. They are a bit loud but not alarmingly so. The best part is they have a very high SAP content so while slow to absorb they do absorb a lot and swell a lot which I love. I find that using a stuffer with these really helps round them out. The stuffer can help with the immediate absorbtion and help prevent running leaks while the diaper itself just sucks it up and asks for more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    Is this diaper any good? I just ordered a bag of mediums
    I tried a case of them a few months back. They are pretty decent. Similar to the Northshore Supreme (NS) in shape (don't come up as high on the back and front), but they don't wick as well as the NS (more SAP) and I think the NS are simply a better, thicker and more absorbent diaper and they cost less.

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    I have had 8 bags of them an enjoy them very much. i use med ones and find that they fit quit well. I also like the plastic on the very much and the feel of it very likable.

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    I have tried the Maxi variant, and I found it to be satisfying. Granted, I preferred the fit and feel of the Tena Slip Maxi when it came a thinner diaper.

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    I bought a case of the plus absorbancy but found them very thin and only good for bowel accidents. They are at least comfortable. I wouldn't buy them again.

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