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Thread: Space Station/ Shuttle viewing

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    Default Space Station/ Shuttle viewing

    Last night, I got a excellent view of the space shuttle just after it undocked from the space station.

    It was really cool, seeing the shuttle flying just a little ahead of the station and slowly pulling away, as it moved to a different orbit in preparation for landing.

    The undocking occured at 7:53 local time and they came into view at 8:12.

    If you want to see them, you have to be looking at the right time, as the station is only visible in the evening, just after sunset.
    It appears like a plane flying high overhead, for about four minutes.

    There should be another opportunity to see them in the same sky, if the sky is clear, before the shuttle lands.

    Check the human space flight sightings page for times for your area.

    Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data

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    I grew up loving space stuff, and astronauts seemed much bigger than life. When we moved to Houston, I went to church with several current and former astronauts and others involved in the space program. I also worked with several space-related companies and NASA in my job there. The two coolest experiences - handling the unused Apollo 18 flag (and meeting the man that designed all the flags left on the moon) and getting a personal tour of the jet used to train shuttle pilots to land the shuttle. I was in hog heaven!

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    Did you use high-quality binoculars, or could you just about make it out with the naked eye?

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    With the naked eye you should be able to see it, though the space station is a large dot then so the shuttle is very small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post

    Did you use high-quality binoculars, or could you just about make it out with the naked eye?
    It's easy to see with the naked eye. Just find out what time it can be viewed in your area, hope for clear sky, and look up.

    Like Martin said, the space station is a quite large dot now, especially since they just took up the fourth set of solar panels.
    It looks like a high altitude plane flying by.

    The shuttle is a very small dot, but when it is next to the station, it is much easier to identify.
    If it was just flying alone, it could be difficult to spot. It would look like a fast moving star.

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