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Thread: odd wetting habits

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    Default odd wetting habits

    Just curious, but does anyone else have odd wetting habits?

    I like many others have trouble wetting in diapers without forcing it somewhat and discovered a useful odd habit;

    ever since I was a kid the sound of running water has sparked the urge in me and I've never been able to shower without letting it go, wether I've just been before or not. I've recently found that I can wet my padding in most positions if I can hear water but my concern over it is this...

    what if I develop the subconcious link that running water = bladder release

    I could end up letting loose whenever someone fills the kettle or whenever it rains
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    I was in a good cycle of being able to wet after or during some hypnosis audio files.....but I was out of it for a month or so and I'm having a hard time wetting again.

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    Well then.... You will just have to wear diapers more often...

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    I read this and thought of the raccon guy from Incontinent Student Bodies. Odd.
    I, personally, don't have odd wetting habits like that, but I do wet the bed. Does that count...?

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    A Big Rushing River!
    Niagara Falls!
    A Car Wash?

    Wet yet?....if not dont worry.

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    If I turn the shower on I feel I have to go.
    All the time, even without a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colfpup View Post
    what if I develop the subconcious link that running water = bladder release
    Just don't try to play an mp3 file of running water whenever you want to wet your diaper...that would strengthen the mental link between running water and bladder release. In that case, you'd probably leave a puddle at the restaurant whenever they fill a cup with a drink
    Practice to go in your diaper without water, but if you're really desparate, do the running-water thing instead. At least that'd throw desparation into the mix and you wouldn't just let go whenever you just hear running water.

    Quote Originally Posted by miles View Post
    If I turn the shower on I feel I have to go.
    All the time, even without a diaper.
    Good thing the shower drain and the toilet lead into the same sewer Just try to avoid following that urge in public showers, or when someone else is showering with you


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    I HAVE to wet standing up but that's about it. I have a very hard time in any other position.

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    I found it just comes with practice. Or rather it's not practice as so much just being used to wearing them and relaxing. Over the years I've got to the stage of just going as and when my body feels like it. It's not incontinence as such, it's just being relaxed enough to go when it wants to, not at set times.

    I can go standing, sitting, lying down and sometimes walking if I've got a big urge to go.

    When I originally started out I did have to push it, but the problem was really in trying to go when I wanted rather than just relaxing and let the body go when it wants.

    However it's obviously more of a problem if you are limited to the times when you can wear. It's much easier if you can wear a diaper all day. Put it on and forget about it.

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    I've never had trouble peeing in any sense.

    Until now. I've discovered that I'm getting pee shy.

    This means that when I'm not in a diaper, and go into a restroom to pee and someone else is there, it's hard to start.

    I've heard of this before and I don't want this to start with me. I don't know why it's starting.

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