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Thread: THE INSECTS IVADE, really, they are called raspberry ants

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    Default THE INSECTS IVADE, really, they are called raspberry ants

    My sisters laptop has been invaded by raspberry ants, what should I tell her. Has this happened to any of you guys before? This is crazy, who thought a bunch of ants would invade sensitive electronic equipment and stuff, what should I do. In all my years of computer use and such I have never heard of this.

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    By raspberry ants, do you mean real ants?

    If so, I wold recommend using some sort of insecticide to kill the ants/colony, but I'm not sure if it could have any effect on the computer. If you want to get rid of any ant bodies, take the computer apart a little and shake out the pieces a bit.

    Hope that helps, and good luck.

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    yes, I mean real ants, and I looked it up and they are insecticide resistant. and it is a laptop so I don't want to take it apart, if it was a desktop I wouldnt have a problem, but its my sisters laptop.

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