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Thread: Who is ok with it?

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    I had a pretty big surgery earlier in the year, and a couple weeks after getting home, I had some lady friends of mine pick me up and take me to lunch because I was unable to drive. I told them in advance I would be wearing (they were OK with it) although I did not necessarily need to wear. Lunch was good and they both noticed my Abena M4 right off the bat which was still a bit embarrassing. I will admit it was nice being accepted by two people, who were opposite sex and my age (18 and 20) who knew I would be wearing.

    I recently came out about my DL side to a couple guy friends of mine and they were surprisingly supportive of me. They said I could wear around them whenever I wanted to and they would keep it between us. I have yet to wear around them, but it's nice knowing I am accepted by them and they wont be judging me when I wear around them. Heck, one of them said they didn't blame me because they seem so convienient! Oh, they are

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    My wife knows. She is not really into it however. She allows me to indulge in my diapers as much as I want. I can wear around the house, to bed, under my cloths...but she flat out told me she could never play mommy or wear with me. She says she understands I have a fetish that will not go away. She said me being in diapers does not change the fact that I am a good person. There are a lot of other (worse) things I could be indulging in.

    For Christmas this year, she gave me an allowance to re-stock my diaper supply! She even put a pack of bottles and some JJ Baby Powder in my stocking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisKrinkle View Post
    She even put a pack of bottles and some JJ Baby Powder in my stocking...
    totally cute stocking stuffers!

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    The diaper-loving side of me is one of the most top secret things about me. Nobody in my 'offline' life knows. And at this point I think that this will stay like that for the forseeable future. I'm way too scared that people might make wrong associations and think there is something seriously wrong with me.

    I'm also active in the BDSM/fetish world, but even there I don't dare to tell people about this side of me, although the chances of acceptance would probably be significantly higher there, but still... There is one person in that world that knows, she's a good friend of mine and one day we were talking about fetishes, and I noticed she used a diaper fetish as an example to make a point, and she mentioned it in a very accepting and open-minded way. I eventually told her about what I had with diapers and her response was something I didn't expect: she said she was into wearing them too and what's more: the way we look it at it, and what we like and what we don't is turned out to be verry similar! That was such a relieve! Now it is like 'our little secret'

    When it comes to relationships/partners I guess I'll have to see. I haven't had any real relationships yet so I guess I'll have to figure out what to do once that happens.
    If I could ever tell them will probably depend on the person and the kind of 'dynamic' we have... But for the moment, I only wear sometimes when I feel like it and it feels more like something that I really like to do rather than something I cannot live without. So I could be flexible. But I guess I'll have to figure that out if and when I manage to get into a seroius relationship.

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    Only in the last few years have I accepted myself more or less completely.

    People I have share my secret with over the years were: a play partner when I was in my late 20's, she was OK with it, we even shared some playtime together.
    a person who sewed some diapers for me but there was not much more than that involved.
    my wife who didn't accept it and eventually had me purge everything.
    the person I am renting a room to, she and I met through Fetlife, we became friends, she accepted me but isn't involved with it.
    the people here and on Fetlife (but not everyone is completely open-minded).

    I think one does have to be careful who one tells as most people are not very accepting of people who wear diapers for desire not need.

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    Only my Wife knows and unless I get caught wearing (where a lie or excuse will not cover it) I will not tell anyone else. Telling her was possibly the hardest conversation I've ever had, as my abdl/vulnerable side is the complete polar opposite to my normal day to day character. I had to tell her as we don't keep secrets from one another no matter how bad. She is supportive but not into it but understands it's part of me. I kind of look at it by the best and worst possible outcomes.
    Best outcome: I tell someone, they say "me too", I say "oh cool" then we both put our heads down and walk away in different directions.
    Worst outcome: They don't understand it and tell other people and mock me.
    This may be narrow minded of me but I just don't think it's worth the risk.

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    Well, only my mom and some virtual friends know that i am ABDL, i get really sad when i read stories of parents that didn't accepted that side from his OWN SONS!

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    I've always told anyone close to me, as being a DL is a part of who I am. How could I possible expect them to know and accept me for who I am unless I tell them.

    Of course I've had negative reactions and made sure to weed out those people. Keeping everyone else around me has only made things better and closer for us all.

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    I've been incon (both) for a few decades. My wife knew before we were married and loved me for who I am. Close friends know and sympathize. I don't advertise but I don't hide it. I own it. Otherwise I couldn't live a full life.

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    The only person I've ever told I'm a DL is my ex girlfriend. I told her right at the beginning of our relationship that I like to wear and also that I also fantasize the opposite sex in nappies. She said she found it very wierd but wasn't judgemental about it. Then we didn't talk about it for a while nor did I wear. The after a while I brought it up again because I thought she didn't dare to mention it again and we decided to buy some diapers together.

    We tried them and it was fun but also kind of awkward. This was also the first time I wore and adult diaper because I had not yet went through with actually fulfulling my fantasy. Afther that I went trough a period during which I wasn't very interested in wearing diapers. Maybe because she was my first real girlfriend and she made me feel more like a man and less like escaping my responsibilities.

    Once we were having an argument and she kept ranting about something she didn't like about me or my behaviour. It took very long and I dicided to put her in a diaper without asking, only to try if it helped. I only did this because I felt like the discussion lead to nothing and it was a bad discussion . As I expected she calmed down and I held her in my arms like a little girl.

    From then on she was actually the one wearing nappies and not me and I believe it was fine. Sometimes when she was upset about something I put her in a nappy and she calmed down. I think she was a kind of person that can have tantrums like a little girl sometimes. That's how I got the idear of putting her in diapers the first time.

    I think I was very lucky to have a girlfriend like that. Not everyone would be so openminded and wiling to try new things .

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