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Thread: Who is ok with it?

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    Default Who is ok with it?

    So I know we often hold this side of ourselves a secret from most people (I know that I do). I'm just wondering though, how often are people you have told hostile, indifferent or accepting of this side of you? The only people who know about me are my wife (who embraces it), and my brother (who i told once when we were drunk), who found it a bit wierd but was ok with it. But i would be interested in rounding up some rough stats on reactions from people you have told or who have found out in general.

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    In my experience of people I have told they have all responded pretty well to it some of them have even wanted to try it themselves and I've recently had a friend found his little side because of me but I do believe the reason why I've had such good results is because I'm a good judge of character and I tell people when I think I've got a good idea of how they will react

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    Well, my Mom's reaction was terrible. Her Mom's husband's reaction was terrible. My oldest sister's reaction was indifferent. My other sister's reaction was sorta in the middle of indifferent and terrible, seemed to depend on her mood. My Dad's reaction was indifferent.

    I told one of my friend and he was sorta indifferent but he rather not discuss it. I told one of the guys I was dating, he didn't like it and was fairly unacceptable of it. The most recent guy I dated is accepting of it, although he is an ex now but still live with him. All his family are fine with it, his mother, father, and sister.

    Then there are the people I know on the internet. Most people I have told are accepting on the net. But I did first get to know them pretty well before mentioning, and typically don't mention it unless it some how sorta becomes a topic. Like kinks or what not.

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    I told my boyfriend that I wet the bed and need to wear a diaper at night or if I take a nap and he is very much ok with that however I haven't and don't plan on telling him that in a DL

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    Well, some my "friends" reacted very rude when had found out about my diaper state. Even were making fun of me. And some of them accepted it. One my good friend even helps me with changing sometimes

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    The first person I ever told was this girl I met on vacation in OBX. We made friends over the week and kept in touch afterwards. I was fifteen, she was seventeen. We never hooked up or anything, we just hung out. She was a 'tomboy' type and going through what seemed like a half-assed hippie phase. I think it was a year later, after keeping in touch through AIM & the occasional phone call that we did some.. weird stuff on the phone. This was very strange, as we both were in high school caliber relationships at the time. After a few times of doing this, we started talking about sexual fantasies. Her's was wanting to have a threesome with either two girls or two guys and mine was.. well I'm sure you can guess. I was never going to see this girl again, as she lived fourteen hours away and neither of us would be returning to the OBX anytime soon. Being recklessly adventurous, I told her.

    ".. But how can you have sex with diapers on?"
    "Well, it's not really that much about sex, I guess."
    "So your wildest sexual fantasy has nothing to do with sex?"
    This even surprised me.
    "I guess.. you're right."
    "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Wow."
    "Well, just so you know. I'd never do that. For you or for anyone."

    That's how that went. But she couldn't have been that weirded out, because we proceeded to do another round of phone stuff afterwards. Hah. Months later, that CSI episode entitled "King Baby" aired, and she contacted me asking if that's what I did. I was so terrified that I shrugged it off.

    "I told my friends that I knew someone who was like that." She said about King Baby.

    Be careful who you tell, kids. I talked to her on and off randomly, but never in depth ever again. I'm almost certain she's brought me up at some point and shown a picture to anyone who has ever said "Can you believe this adult baby thing?"

    The second person I told was one of my best friends in high school. She and my other best friend dated on and off throughout high school, but through a drunken confession, told me that she always kind of held a flame for me. I am not a love triangle type of guy, especially with people I care about, so I tried my best to stay out of it.. even though I always knew she was very beautiful.

    Any way, they broke up for good towards the end of senior year and I found myself between them. Ultimately, I chose my guy friend's side, whom I went back further with. In very crude, outdated, bro, sludge-headed, misogynistic terms, we shouted "Bros over Hoes" and chest-bumped. But behind his back, I kept a secret relationship with her. This secret relationship was quickly on the edge of turning romantic, and one drunken night at 4am, after some extremely stupid and strange freudian slips, she basically badgered me until I told her about my diaper fetish. She was completely cool about it, which stupidly made me think that I was falling in love with her.

    Although she wasn't interested in getting involved in any way, she was intrigued by my strange fascinations and liked to talk about it. Honestly, she also thought it was funny. She was a hilarious girl and again, a very "one of the guys" type. After weeks, she wanted to come with me to watch my face as I bought a package of depends.. We went, but I chickened out because she laughed hysterically the entire time. This embarrassed me, but not in a mean-spirited way. She was really just trying to have fun. Then, the craziest thing, was that I talked her into trying one on, but not in a sexual way at all. If you are still with me on this long rambling, I'm sure you can deduce that she was kind of goofing around with the whole thing, so she was game to try it.. in a "what the hell" way. Continuing to be an idiot, I placed a manilla envelope with a 2006 era, plastic backed Depend Maximum protection diaper in her backpack between classes with plans for her to call me when she tried it on after school. (Yes, this could have gone very wrong) With a surreal feeling, right after school, she called me sounding very sheepish.

    "..Hi." She sounded humiliated.
    "Are you… wearing it?" A long pause.
    "Well.. It's comfortable I guess."
    "Really?" I couldn't believe it myself. I could even hear a slight crinkle on the other end of the line.
    "But I'll be honest. I feel fucking ridiculous wearing this thing. This is humiliating."
    "And I couldn't figure it out at first."
    "Don't you babysit?"
    "It's not the same thing, dip shit." (Exact quote)

    Any way, I asked a few questions and she got off the phone to take it off. Again, she wasn't creeped out by the experience, but she was definitely horrified that she actually went through with it. Afterwards, we let the subject rest for a little and she seemed to want to back off of it politely.

    But the kicker is, we ended up going to the same city for College. We didn't maintain nearly the same relationship as before, but on one of the few hangouts we had, I just had ask what ever ended up with the diaper I gave her. A look of humiliation and anger stretched across her face as she looked me dead in the eyes. "Do you really want to know?" This scared me. Apparently, before she could throw it away, her Mother, whom is a very very sweet woman, found it in her closet and asked why she had it. Can you believe this? It was her first rookie ABDL experience and the diaper stash gets busted. But in all seriousness, this was completely my fault and I felt HORRIBLE. I expressed how terrible I felt, but she just told me to forget it.

    "What did you say?!" I had to know. She claims she said that her friends gave it to her on her birthday as a gag gift, for being the eldest in the group. I can't make this stuff up. Even though the subject was dropped, there is no way her mother bought it. I can't trust that things won't be explained later on. Again, careful who you tell, folks. But I realized later on that this happened while we still talked all of the time and she chose not to tell me. She claimed she didn't want to embarrass or worry me.. Which makes me believe that she may have really cared for me at the time and I fucked it up by being an idiot high-school guy. Whelp.

    And lastly, I've chronicled my fianceť's dealings with my fetish on here plenty of times. It was a huge mess at first and now she's trying to understand it, with a great deal of ups and downs. We have been working together to make sure both of us are comfortable.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Most anyone who is not close to you really doesn't need to know you wear a diaper. And even if they do find out you can just say you need them (a mental need is a need), and that it's personal and none of their business.

    However, if you are close to someone (especially in a serious relationship), how can you expect them to know and understand you if you keep this integral part of who you are a secret. I personally feel that withholding the truth from someone who has a right to know, is no different than lying to them. In this case, yes you absolutely should tell them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to mention. I told my then girlfriend on our third date. It went rough after I told her, but we worked through it that proceeding year. We've been married 15 years since.

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    The only people I have talked about this with are other ABDLs, so the reaction tends to be pretty positive. My general intention is to keep it to those I'm intimate with or who are already into it. I can think of one friend who might be an exception to that general rule some day. He's well experienced with kinks and is not liable to be phased. I suspect he might have some interesting insights. In this town, it's likely he at least knows of other ABDLs. Still, I'm in no rush.

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    I've never told anyone, ever. Their reaction to not being told was predictably blasť.

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