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Thread: What's your religion?

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    Raised Christian but I haven't regularly attended mass in the last few years. Although I have never felt it, I envy the closeness that some congregations share. I believe in something greater, but for now I want to find my own truths.
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    I was born and raised catholic, but haven't set foot in a church for almost 20 years.

    Now days I Identify as Asatru, which is the old Norse Beliefs, Odin Thor and all those sexy hunks, which makes a lot more spiritual and logical sense to me than any of the mainstream religions. I just wish White Supremacists and Neo Nazis would stop trying to corrupt the religion and it's image.

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    This is interesting. According to the pew research society, about 1 in 4 americans are not associated with religion. Looking at this page alone, a little more than half are non religious. (I'm counting a belief in god but not a religious organization as being non religious).

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    As I get older and learn more about the world, any religion shows itself as an outdated and rediculous set of beliefs.

    I like to define myself as a recovering Catholic.

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    I am a 12-stepper, aka, alcoholic. I've been clean/sober over 10 years. I thought you gave a pretty good description of your view on "religion" Cottontail. We refer to that as an agnostic. Neither for, nor against. There is no "proof" either way. And there is no reason to call yourself Atheist. You are NOT. You have very comfortable & secure feelings of something more powerful than you & that's all that matters Cottontail.

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    I'm a Starrunnerist. LOL.

    I was raised Lutheran. Thought I was connecting and then my parents really showed me that religion to them was about clients and sales. That was so fake to me that I started to really search out my feelings. Simple study of the world shows a few ideas that translate through religions. I see the Christian Bible as a history book and set of lessons that are useful. We used to have a translated Koran but in the end I find humans to be fascinating. Both the good and the bad. I do not believe in a benevolent diety.

    So I guess I am non-religions, atheist. I believe in the separation of Church and State. I do despise it when people impose their beliefs on others. Like how some of the religious right do not agree with LGBT. Live and let live!!

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    I was raised by a strict Christian family and I find it comical how I turned out to be their worst nightmare: a nonbeliever. I am an atheist. The Bible and its teachings were shoved down my throat like a five star meal (except if I had to rate it out of five stars it'd be more like a half a star meal. Not even one full star.)
    That being said, religion now has a very small impact on my life, and I'd like to keep it that way.

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