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Thread: What's your religion?

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    Default What's your religion?

    I'm just curious what are the fellow adisc's members religions?

    I'm non-religious / atheist, This is a bit tricky to explain, but it's more along the lines of being an agnostic atheist, but at the same time, caring so little about religion as it has no purpose in my life. (something along the lines of bill maher for example) I just don't care, I just don't believe in god nor religions.

    Lets say I'm not so much in your face about being an atheist, but there are times I just have to step in, I'm more against religious extremists than your casual Christians or Muslims.

    I'm not really an outspoken Atheist, most people I know just generally catch on, though I've had people ask stupid questions as to why I'm an atheist just to explain I lack a personal belief in gods or religions It's not that hard to understand. It's not like some satanic occultism or whatever most people have come into mind lol.

    I know in a lot of professions, like science and technology there tends to be tons of atheists, and some religious people, but generally aren't "fundamentalists".

    That being said, what is your religion, were you brought up in it, or did you come across it later on?

    I'm just curious that is all, I'm guessing the most popular ones would be along the lines of.


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    I'm not religious like I don't believe in a god. But I do believe in life after death.

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    I identify as Buddhist. It wasn't something I was taught... I was brought up in a Protestant home, although we virtually never went to church or anything, so religion was never a big part of my life growing up.

    I was Atheist for a long time. I basically believed in a WYSIWYG universe. It seemed (and still seems) more logical than postulating anything else. I'm not inclined to believe in things without evidence.

    However, the turning point for me came when I realized that I was still believing whole-heartedly in an interpretation of my senses and surroundings. It was a scientific interpretation, but an interpretation nonetheless. And as science goes, it's a method rather than a set of beliefs, so the "truth" changes all the time. About 100 years ago we thought the Milky Way galaxy was the entire Universe, for example. And the full implications of quantum mechanics give even the brightest scientists a headache.

    As I understand it, Buddhism is a method rather than a set of beliefs, very much like science is. It is a recognition that "facts" and beliefs are constructed by the mind as useful heuristics. They are useful tools, but it's important to be able to put them down when they are no longer useful, and not to grow attached and think of them as a "truth". There is no one tool that can solve every problem. Concepts and ideas must always be taken with a grain of salt, especially those having to do with understanding reality itself.

    I hope that made sense. ^^;

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    I take comfort in thoughts of life after death, higher powers, higher purposes, etc., but I can never quite manage to get past the conspicuous lack of evidence for any of these things, so I can never quite make the leap from hope to belief. I dislike calling myself an atheist, mainly because "atheist" is popularly taken to be a much more definite position on the presence/absence of a deity than I'm willing to claim for myself. For that reason, I prefer to think of myself simply as non-religious.

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    I used to be spiritual/deist until about 2-3 years ago. Then I had an existential crisis, and now I'm pretty much an atheist. Having said that, I don't think death is eternal nothingness, but the idea that "I" will carry on afterwards seems silly. "I" being my personality, memories etc, the notion of heaven to me is also patently ludicrous.

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    I would generally say I'm a ''spiritual agnostic.'' I don't belief in a God as in the Christian sense of the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful man in the sky. Rather, I would like to think that there is some sort of higher power that basically governs the world. I'm also somewhat fond of the concept of karma, and occasionally toy with the idea of reincarnation as what happens after death.

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    When the JW missionaries come knocking, I'm a Druid.

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    I identify as a Humanist. Humanism is a perspective which believes that reason and science are the best ways to understand the world around us, and that dignity and compassion should be the basis for how we act towards someone else. Humanists reject the concepts of deities, heaven and hell as superstition. We believe in the betterment of the world through altruistic and moral actions to leave behind a better place for future generations.

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    I do believe that there is an afterlife of some kind, perhaps even higher beings, but no old man in the sky or anything like that.

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