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Thread: I can't sleep!!!

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    Arrow I can't sleep!!!

    It is after 2:00 AM Pacific Time. I am almost about to give up on sleeping.
    I had a long day shopping and after we came home I ate a lot of the Jelly Bellys and soda, some Sun Chips and most of the free samples at Costco.
    All I had for caffeine is two bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino. and all I had for dinner was CP (Brand name) Shrimp Wonton Soup, with beef jerky for a desert. And I decided to have a midnight snack and I had Strawberry milk which I thought would calm me down. and then I was laying in bed listening to minimal house that didn't ease me, so I showered and that relaxed me. I then got into bed and that didnt help me staring at the ceiling for 20 minutes. I then got out of bed to write this post.

    Every year I have one night where I can't sleep the whole night. This happens in March. sometime around the beginning of the Second and Third week of march. I don't know why it happens, but I think why this happened this night was because I got some new clothes.

    Can anyone think of some advice to give me to help me go to sleep, and also can someone give me a link to that symptom on the above paragraph.

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    Dude, I'd be the happiest person on earth if it took me less than 30 minutes to get to sleep. I'm often tossing and turning for anything up to five hours to fall asleep.

    If you can't sleep, go to another room and read for 20 minutes then go back to bed.
    Make sure there is as minimal light in your room as possible.
    Make sure you're comfortable, such as the temperature being right.
    Most of all, and this is pretty obvious, don't guzzle a shitload of caffeine before bed. This is probably your problem.

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    Take it from a life-long insomniac who has been once known to stay up days at a time before I started working again. I most times don't sleep well unless booze is involved- and that doesn't always work so do NOT turn to booze to help you sleep. Plus I condemn underage drinking something fierce.

    Insomnia SUCKS.

    Sure you get a lot done, but still, you don't always feel human when you have to work. I've always had sleep issues. I was talking to my sister and she remembers when I was growing up I always had issues with staying asleep or going to bed. It happens. I just deal with it. What I recommend is reading, or just watch a favorite show on TV or DVD. That's what I do.

    Usually, I can fall asleep after watching several episodes of MASH, Dallas, Dukes of Hazzard or some other 80s TV show I have on DVD. Plus, I usually have a meal too. I only eat twice a day and I usually have my last meal as I unwind and hit the hay. Plus, as a bedwetter, that is what helps me stop wetting the bed or a nighttime diaper.

    You're not alone in sleep issues. Trust me. And some advice, NEVER turn to booze to help you to sleep. It ain't worth it.


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    it could be as esoteric as the seasons turning to spring and your body just getting used to it, or as common as you having something on your mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    it could be as esoteric as the seasons turning to spring and your body just getting used to it, or as common as you having something on your mind.
    I am looking forward to wearing the new jackets I got. I will try to go to sleep again after this post. I will try Spirits suggestions on going to sleep, and I know I am not alone on insomnia.

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    I'm afraid I'm of no help here. I'm out like a light 5-10 minutes after my head hits the pillow. I do have like a handful of nights a year where it takes longer, but that's usually due to some stressful event that keeps my head spinning, or during excessively hot days.
    Other than that, a long-time cure is to go to bed roughly at the same time every day and to develop a routine that tells your body to shut down for sleep.


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    Peachy, you must be lucky to be able to get to sleep that quickly. Usually takes me upwards of 20-40 minutes

    And I must have some kind of disorder, because I absolutely CANNOT sleep without a fan on, if I try I will wake up batfuck insane with a massive headache. So bad I can't even drive my truck straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Don't eat so much sugar/caffeine next time
    Great advice.

    I have been trying to shed some LBS recently and have stopped eating before i go to bed and i have not been chowing down fast food. This combination is helping me sleep so much better. I use to toss and turn as well as wake up frequently. Now, I'm sleeping through the night and usually fall fast asleep. btw i always sleep with a fan on.

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    Well, I don't know if you normally eat like that, but having so much sugar and two frappucinos can't have helped. I wonder if your March sleep troubles are related to Daylight Savings Time switchover, or the weather changing?

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