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Thread: any car cosmetics people here? HELP!! had accident..

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    Default any car cosmetics people here? HELP!! had accident..

    I had a small accident in my minivan trying to move a few things. I am used to driving my truck, so... I , thought it was a good idea to try to drive down the ditch ( because I do it all the time in my truck which is a 4x4... ). Well, I got stuck and tried to reverse and im guessing thats how this happened. I reversed hard and then went back to drive and continued on, when I got back I discovered this:

    I paid a lot for this van and now I dinged it!!! I know there is some kind of bolts? Where can I find them?

    It is quite noticable, and currently I am letting my FP use this van, and she might ask questions and take my keys from me and not let me drive if she thinks Im not a good driver. I just had a lapse of judgement, because my truck can go down the ditch without a problem...

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    Do you mean the bottom part of the bumper hanging down? If not, then I fail to see what you're talking about. If so, then that's how it is on my minivan. Mine happens from pulling up too far on the curb, and then backing out.

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    It is look in the smaller pictures, I want to fix it because when I bought it was perfect and I like it perfect ( the only flaw is a messed up rearview mirror, and the clear coat coming off in some spots but the bumper DRIVES ME INSANE!!! ... >.<)

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    Because A. I need the space and B. My FP needed a different vehicle ( blew the engine in her jeep on the highway taking the kids to school, was using my truck for a while and it didn't work out. )

    I'm a very giving person when someone does something for me ( taking me into her house when she barely knew me is what I would consider generous. )

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    At least you were the one who dinged it. Someone left a huge dent in the side of my car in a parking lot. They didn't even leave a note. Pisses me off but not much I can do about it. Mine makes yours look like nothing, too . I wouldn't worry about it. You'll get over it in a couple days.

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    I hope so. Anyone know where I can get the bolts for the bumper?

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    I know what you mean, I just have to fix stuff on my vehicles if it's not quite right.

    Make note of the type and size of the fasteners, or remove one thats still there.
    Take it to a hardware store, and get a replacement bolt.
    OR, go to an auto wrecker and get an original fastener off a wrecked van.

    There are lots of places to get bolts, it might be helpful to put a big fender washer on that bolt to keep this bumper part from pulling off again.

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    Are the holes still good? You might have ripped the holes, so they're too big, or they're not a hole anymore. If they are still holes, at least, you can use a big washer to hold it on.

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    Im sure the holes are fine, that they weren't held up by nuts before.
    What I did was warp the bumper, and I just need to fasten it back up to get it looking normal.

    I'm thankful I didn't flip the van.
    That would of been a disaster. And thanks for the idea about the wrecker, I wouldn't have thought of that

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