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Thread: Teddybears: Why are they so awesome

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    Talking Teddybears: Why are they so awesome

    I love teddybears. In actuality I would say the order of things I love when it comes to kid stuff is

    Cute Dresses/skirts
    ruffles under stuff

    While I like and enjoy other stuffed toys I have always been addicted to pudgy fluffy teddybears. My favorite cartoons always involved bears of some sort. I have a Winnie the Pooh obsession I have no shame of. When I am single I sleep with a 48 inch teddy, I am posting this with him right now! I even have a teddy bear messenger bag that comes with me on lazy days.

    Teddybears have helped me through some of the roughest moments of my life so far. What is it that makes them so damned huggable? Am I alone in this? Anyone else with an unending love of teddybears/stuffed animals.

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    I love stuffed animals too. When I was around 8, I couldn't sleep with any less then about 15 stuffed animals on my bed at once. Your not alone!

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    Yeah, they are pretty badass(Gotten to where I gotta be holding my bear to pass out in a reasonable amount of time)

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    Of course! You have to be kind to the vegetarian/vegan stuffed toys!

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    *Paging Ron. Ron please report to the teddy bear topic, your expertize are needed*

    I love my teddy's. My first one is with my mate in Iraq right now keeping his butt safe, and the one I have at home is REALLY big and cuddly. ^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verscha View Post
    I had a cuddly banana when I was a kid. That counts, right?
    Dude. That's the shit right there, man.

    Yeah, I loves my stuffies I especially love my puppy that has a music box in it. It was my mom's when she was a baby c:

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    Can't say I am a teddy bear guy, I am more a stuffed puppy dog guy. I have both a giant puppy I have on my changing table with a diaper on, and I have a smaller puppy dog I sleep with. That's good for me.


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    I freaking love my teddy. Nothing else to it. Perhaps the greatest thing is that unlike humans, they'll never refuse to hug you. Yeah, that sounds a little pathetic.

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