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Thread: How do you manage number #2 accident out of house

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    I do not have incontinence first thing I might mention. They have been times though I had wet trumps and I thought I have pooped myself.

    The first thing I suggest if you have a raider key try to access the disabled toilets. The Raider key is a big key used to open disabled toilets. You should be untitled to one.
    If it is America and you do not need a key then I suggest waiting for the next person to walk out of the disabled toilets.

    If you can not get into the disabled toilets or you do not have a raider key try going to the baby changing toilets. If anyone questions you you can say you could not find anyone with a raider key. Or you prefer to change in the baby changing area.

    If you feel too embarrassed about going to the baby change area then just do what everyone else suggested go to the toilets and change in a cubical.

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    1 get to a bathroom asap.
    2 get the diaper pulled down and the excess poop pushed in the toilet,
    3, get wiped up
    4. put on a fresh diaper
    5. toss the messed diaper in the trash
    6. wash my hands with a lot of soap.

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    An invaluable tool for me is using - which obviously is only of relevance in Australia - but it allows you to highlight public toilets that have showers. While I feel somewhat regretful about using public facilities to wash off mess, I think the harm to me from not doing it is probably worse than the intricacies of any hypothetical harm that might be suffered by others from me doing it.

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    I carry adult wipes and always an extra diaper. I try to flush what I can down the toilet and then wipe and change as usual. I hate the feeling off a full diaper. I hate the feeling of a messed diaper. But I use them for that so I don't make a mess on my clothes so I just deal with it.

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    I don't have bowel accidents as often. I probalbly have one out in public every 6 months. Sometimes if I have a big enough muscle spazm in my torso or legs it will cause my bowel sphincter to open up. I never really know when this is going to happen so I always carry multiple diapers, wipes, rubber gloves, and a couple different types of bags to conceal the scent. The worst part for me is the fact that it takes FOREVER for me to change a messy diaper, my muscles just don't move like that. It's a really good feeling once I'm cleaned up and done with that process.

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    I have an adult diaper bag just for these issues. I always have it in my car. It has diapers, wipes, powder, Desitin, and a change of rubber pants. If I have messed my diaper I usually use the handicap or the family bathroom. I usually will straddle the toilet so if stool falls off it will go in the toilet. After this I use plenty of wipes to clean myself up. I usually have a plastic bag to put dirty diaper in. After clean up use desitin to cover my bottom put a diaper on and sprinkle powder front and back. Pull up pant and back to my normal activities.

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    It hasn't happened often, but when it does I change in my car with a pad under just in case I accidentally make a bigger mess, put wet wipes in diaper and diaper in a wet bag then wet bag in the trunk til I can get home to clean the diaper and wipes.

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    From the couple of times I have messed in public, here are some tips....
    1. Get your pants away from harm, this may mean putting a chux pad across the pants or taking them off. This is so nothing drops
    2. Have gloves, bags and wipes at the ready
    3. If it's solid try to shake it into the toilet, otherwise don't mess with it.
    4. Clean up dropping the wipes either into the dirty diaper or Into the bag.
    5. If you can wait till you get home do so. I once messed while waiting on an order at the photo lab, and drive the hour home because it didn't feel that bad.

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    I am also double IC and wear full time. But only disposables. Do you toilet at all during the day?

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    If I am able to sense an approaching BM in time, I try to make it to the toilet. For bladder, I use the toilet only when I am practicing timed voiding. Otherwise I use the diaper. As I apply a zinc oxide barrier cream, it becomes impractical to use the toilet to pee.


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