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Thread: How do you manage number #2 accident out of house

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    Default How do you manage number #2 accident out of house

    I am comfortable wearing diapers out in public, and when I wear diapers I also wet them as needed. I have no problem changing wet diapers in public because nobody knows unless they hear the tapes or crinkles.
    A soiled diaper is a different beast.
    Yesterday, I developed some lower abdominal discomfort (too much coffee or disagreeable lunch). I thought it was gas so I tried to push the gas out to relieve the discomfort. Unfortunately, I soiled myself and I was in public.
    I had never messed myself in public before. I thought changing myself in a public restroom would be too much so I cancelled commitments for the rest of the day and drove home which was quite far away.
    Any tips for our how to change a soiled diaper in public to make it as easy as possible?


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    I would just position myself over the toilet so the loose stool falls in there when the brief is untapped. Then bag up the brief in a plastic bag and clean yourself with wipes. I use the non flushable wipes. Then rediaper yourelf and throw the diaper and wipes in the trash. Or get someone else to help you like I do

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    It happens sometimes.
    The smell can be very strong.
    Isolate yourself and clean up as soon as possible.
    Difficulty depends upon consistency.
    When out and about town, you could change in a public restroom at restaurant, gas station, park, hospital, etc.. Some people change in their car in a remote parking area, low traffic area, rural area, or forest.

    I carry a small kit in my backpack with: spare diapers (usually 2 TranqATN), baby wipes (usually a small travel size),and a ziplock bag (gallon size). This can get me through wet (or very rare messy) diaper accidents on most days.

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    The smart move would be to carry the necessary supplies, in a backpack, INCLUDING adult wipes, and then find a FAMILY/TG RESTROOM, where you have some privacy. Problem solved.

    I had a shart of my own to deal with recently (IBS issues), but, fortunately I was on the way home at the time, not in the big rig, running team...Phew! In a word, IMMODIUM!

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    Gary wear over pants can help contain odors till you can change. I wear regular underwear over them too.

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    I carry a package of adult wipes and some plastic bags in my "diaper bag". I give a good shake before I start untaping the diaper to try to get as much as possible in the diaper itself.

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    i usually carry an extra diaper/goodnites and baby wipes in case i have a messy accident outside. it is quite inconvenient to change but usually you dont have a choice. sometimes if its only a shart or slightly messy and there is no smell (unless you put your nose to my bum), then i might just carry on with my activities and not change till i get home

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    Hi scaifester!

    Unfortunately, it happens to all of us who are fecal incontinent. No fun, but we deal with it.

    I have a small, inconspicuous backpack or messenger bag with changing essentials, including a disposal bag, adult-sized wipes, latex gloves, and a fresh diaper. In the trunk of my car I also have a larger "disaster kit" in the event that a serious bowel accident has leaked and soiled my clothing. It contains additional cleanup materials, another diaper, lotions, and a complete change of clothing, including socks, just in case.

    Here is what I have found to be an important rule: "complete the void." What I mean is don't rush to the toilet and immediately begin to strip off your diaper. While so doing, you may have one last bowel spasm that soils your clothing and, perhaps, your only clean diaper. So, be sure that you have finished the BM in the diaper. That is what the diaper is for. Then change.

    Re taking off the diaper, keep a small knife or pair of scissors in your bag. To avoid spillage of fecal matter, it may be safer to cut the sides of the diaper.

    Good luck!

    (double incontinent and wearing 24/7, cloth at night)

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    I've had it happen a few times prior to my colectomy surgery and it wasn't pleasant. I was taken off steroids which made my inflammatory bowel disease run out of control prior to surgery so going out meant going out in nappies.
    I was also taking high dose codine for my back fractures which bunged me up most of the day least until 3 to 4pm when I'd hope to be back home. When the codine wore off it was like taking your finger off the hole in the dam wall.
    A full colon of runny diarrhoea emptying into the seat of my nappy totally helpless to it. I'd get 30 seconds warning maximum.
    Having to drive home sitting in it too was not nice. I'd get home and strip off standing in the bath with the shower attachment ready to hose me down. I was always amazed that the old style attends (MMMMMM style) took everything I put in it with no leaks. There was no way I could clean myself up without a shower head on a hose.

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    So many experiences to share, when I was in ninth grade I had a bm while going to class and it was so much that it stopped me walking and I just had to wait till it emptied out ....... there was nothing I could do, at the time I was still not doing well and the school nurse had cleaned and changed me, truly was a god send. Now when clean up myself I carry all the wipes, extra diapers and ziplock bags is a must

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